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Feast and field chat with DC Crenshaw, the founder of Little Diner’s Crew, an innovative new Chicago-based dining club for kids ages 4-12 and teens 13-18.

DC Crenshaw

Tell us about Little Diner’s Crew. How it works?

“LDC is a food club for kids and teens that expands their palate beyond macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers. Every month we feature cuisine from a different country and organize a unique dining experience for kids and parents at a local restaurant. We work closely with chefs to organize an affordable yet adventurous 4-6 course tasting menu. During the experience, children sit at their own table, meet the chef, enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails, taste and evaluate the dishes, learn how the food is prepared and where the ingredients come from. We also examine and practice proper etiquette for meals. Members receive a stamped passport after each event to document their culinary journey with LDC. Parents value their own experience at the adult table.

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Why did you create this organization?

“We introduced our children to different types of food at a young age, so they were already eating foods like sushi, Indian and Thai food. Parents would often ask us how we could get our kids to eat foods other than mac-n-cheese and chicken fingers, and we were also frustrated that most restaurants only had these options on their menu. child. We knew they had to be a way to help parents expose their kids to different types of cooking and to help restaurants provide better dining options for kids, and it’s those challenges that Little Diner’s Crew was born.

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Strong moments that you want to share?

“So far, LDC has hosted over 40 events with some of the best restaurants and chefs in town. Over 100 members have joined in the past 5 years, but most of all, it makes us proud to hear testimonials from parents who say LDC has helped turn their picky eater into a little foodie. It’s amazing to see kids become more adventurous eaters while attending our events and taking charge of their dining experience.

And what’s the next step for you?

Next, we’re launching an LDC chapter in Aspen, Colorado, and we’re really excited about the launch of CrewFood, our new online food delivery platform. CrewFood will continue to expand palates at home with a curated list of restaurants and dishes that have been tried and trusted by kids. CrewFood will make it easier for parents to order foods the whole family will love. It should be launched in early 2022.

To learn more about Little Diner’s Crew, visit littledinerscrew.com.


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