Angelina Jolie becomes a regular at Indian restaurant Rasika


Spotted (again and again): Angelina Jolie dines at the modern Indian restaurant Rasika.

The ‘Eternals’ actor can’t seem to get enough of restaurateur Ashok Bajaj’s dining room tucked away in the West End, a VIP favorite frequented by the Clintons and Obamas. His last visit on Wednesday evening – accompanied by eight guests – was one of many, including a dinner party last month. Restaurant reps say Jolie has visited at least three times in recent memory, which, given her out-of-town Hollywood status, makes her a regular.

Jolie is in Washington more than your average mega-star thanks to her humanitarian work with UN refugee services and her advocacy for environmental and anti-violence causes. Wednesday she was gift at the White House when President Biden signed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The Oscar winner was a vocal promoter of legislation.

Jolie doesn’t really party when she dines out, according to sources at the restaurant. During her visit in February with six dining companions, Jolie reportedly sipped bottled water in a private room downstairs and “didn’t eat much.” She sampled two must-try classics from James Beard Award-winning chef Vikram Sunderam: palak chaat with crispy spinach and black cod.

Said the source: “She was professionally dressed in black. People didn’t even recognize her.

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