Best Indian Food in San Antonio: India Oven


Voted best Indian food in San Antonio.

Courtesy of India Oven

Opened in 1997, India Oven has firmly established itself in the cultural fabric of San Antonio. This year they can celebrate another well-deserved award as they were voted Best Indian Restaurant in San Antonio for this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

It all started with the owner’s father Goga Jesse, who came from northern India and cooked their authentic family recipes for almost 50 years, the last 25 of them in San Antonio. “I feel like San Antonio and us – we get along really well. San Antonio always feels like a family oriented place to me. I raised my kids here and San Antonio is my family,” Goga says.

Having watched generations grow up and visit the restaurant, it’s part of what it’s like to be in San Antonio. Regular customers and their families grow up, all within these walls. Traditionally decorated in Indian decor, families have everything from birthdays and anniversaries to graduation parties indoors.

“Our strong point is that we are all about family, family recipes and the consistent delivery of quality food. My husband takes care of the cooking, so everything is always delicious.

If you want to try India Oven or maybe come back if you haven’t been in a while, they have an Easter Sunday brunch, then a Mother’s Day brunch and champagne buffet. If you decide to visit your mother on Mother’s Day, she will also receive a rose from India Oven just to let her know how special she is.


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