Bhagyashrees Lunch Spread is a South Indian food lover’s paradise and we also found the recipes


After a busy work week, Sundays are generally best enjoyed as lazy afternoons filled with sumptuous breakfasts, and actor Bhagyashree seems to believe in the same. Recently, the ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ actress shared her delicious South Indian lunch on her Instagram account. The spread included everything from vada and ragi dosa, to neer dosa, sambhar and chutneys. We can’t help but imagine how hot and steamy those fluffy dosas must have felt in this pristine weather. Watch the Bhagyashrees lunch spread out here:

Bhagyashress delicious authentic South Indian lunch shared by actress

If your cravings are at an all time high after seeing this pic (and so are we), we’ve got you all the help you need. From vada to sambhaar, here are recipes for the dishes Bhagyashree enjoyed and how you can whip up the same in no time for a drool-worthy Monday meal.

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1.Medu Vada

Tasty and chewy cousin of the donut, medu vada is the perfect starting point for your South Indian lunch. If you have the dough ready, all you need to do is form flat circles, punch a hole in the center, and fry. These crispy medu vadas are best served hot and with a tangy sambhar. Want to know how to do them? Read the recipe here.

2. Ragi dosa

Why have the same old dosa when you can switch things up with different flavors, like the healthy ragi dosa the actress had. Ragi or millet is a great option to include in your diet; it helps fight anemia and can control blood sugar. Do you want to know how to make this healthy dosa? Read the recipe here.

3. Sambar

What dal is for North Indian cuisine, Sambar is the same for that of South India. It is the obligatory accomplishment of every meal, from soaking your dosas to mixing it with rice; there are a variety of delicious ways to enjoy the humble sambar. The best part is you can even make it in unique flavors like this pineapple sambar that we’ve attached the recipe to here.


Sambhar is made of dala and different vegetables

4. Neer Dosa

If you want to ditch the classic masala dosa and go for something much simpler, easier, and crispier, neer dosa is for you. It only requires 2 main ingredients and is so quick to prepare. These fine and crispy dosas can be enjoyed with a plain coconut chutney, your choice of sambar or a poriyal. Read the recipe here.

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So there you have it, Bhagyashree style South Indian lunch that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Let us know how your meal is going in the comments below.


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