Bizarre Indian food trends 2021 that intrigued us


There have been some weird food trends in 2021. “Fire Panipuri” and “Nutella Biryani” are two unusual dishes that we have seen among many. Over time, food experiences have worsened considerably.

That’s not to say that every new eating fad is a disaster; every rule has an exception. But the ones we’re going to talk about are some of the strangest and most confusing.

Here are some bizarre Indian food trends 2021:

1. Mirchi Ice Cream Roll

A man from Indore thought it would be interesting to make a “Mirchi Ice Cream Roll”, the newest and perhaps the most bizarre trend. As seen in the video, the street vendor first cuts green peppers and then adds Nutella. He then pours in the cream of milk and stirs it vigorously. After that, the mixture is frozen before being shaped into rolls. The vendor garnished the buns with cold pieces at the end of the video. “There are too many peppers,” complains a customer as the seller hands him the ice cream.

2. Jalebis pepper

Your favorite mithai has been given a new twist. A Twitterati got the idea from Chilli Jalebis after seeing a photo of crispy jalebis dipped in soy sauce with garlic and peppers. And the Internet was so outraged that they demanded that “this guy be arrested.” So, if this strange invention made you cry, know that you are not alone.

3. Ferrero Rocher Manchuria

Credit: WION

The empress of Ferrero Rocher chocolates was not immune to the multitude of food fads that have swept the country this year. On social media, a photo of Ferrero Rocher floating in a Manchu brown sauce has gone viral. Ferrero Rocher Manchurian has combined the sweet and savory worlds, resulting in an unimaginable confection.

4. Maggi Pani Puri

Have you ever imagined a Pani Puri stuffed with maggie? Isn’t that strange? There are many versions of Pani Puri in India. Maggie Pani Puri is the latest. Some people have been captivated by the crispy Pani Puri stuffed with spicy and gooey Maggi, while others have been squeamish about the food’s odd tendency.

5. Paratha Ice Cream

Whether you prefer your paratha with butter, pickles, or curd, this food trend will have you reconsidering your options. Ice Cream Paratha is a hit with both ice cream and paratha fans. Putting your favorite ice cream on a paratha, rolling it up and devouring it like a stuffed ice cream paratha roll is the latest food trend.

6. Kaju Katli Chicken Soup

Credit: IndianExpress

When it comes to food splurges, Kaju Katli Chicken Soup is perhaps the strangest. The silver-covered pieces of Kaju Katli lacked air as they swam in the signature clear chicken soup. Disbelief has also erupted on the Internet. The traditional festive mithai with chicken soup is a colossal flop. A lot of people threw up at this Kaju Katli Chicken Soup meme because there was so much to choose from.

7. Vada Pav Crescent

Credit: TimesNow

Do you think it’s a good idea to combine the classic French croissant with Mumbai’s popular snack vada pav?

An image has gone viral on Twitter, showing how a croissant is cut in half and Mumbai street food with vada, potato topping and red and green mint chutney sits between French bread. A fried green chili, onion rings and lemon complete the international dish.

What’s funny about the dish is that the restaurant calls it Croissant Vada Pav, which begs the question of whether the paver is inside the croissant. And if so, why would anyone want to eat both a croissant and a pavé? One wonders if the French or the Portuguese would oppose such a mixture.

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