Bloomberg thinks the ‘best’ Indian food is the world is in New York and Desis are outraged


Where is the best Greek food in the world? Greece. Where is the best Spanish food in the world? Spain. Do these answers seem a little obvious to you? They are – but not if you are a successful global business information portal – then your answer may have been different. Bloomberg Business has found itself in the backlash world of Twitter for posting what appears to be more than just a snap. Late Saturday night, the business portal’s Twitter account while sharing a story about how “an enterprising chef-restaurant duo are turning long-standing culinary wisdom upside down” in New York, USA, mentioned in the tweet that “The world’s best Indian food is in New York.”

It did not pass the environmental test.

While Bloomberg may have hinted that the best Indian food in London, or the best Indian food in the world has now found its way into New York City, the tweet turned out to be a bit deaf for not missing the very part. obvious from the tweet itself. The story linked to Bloomberg’s tweet was also “New York now has better Indian food than London,” which in itself is not a problematic take. But some paragraphs of the article written by Indian journalist Bobby Ghosh are the lines: “For now, know that there is nothing like it in London, or even New Delhi.” far from what the tweet itself says.

Indians on Twitter didn’t welcome this controversial opinion, and they certainly didn’t mince words.

In the article in question, Bobby Ghosh mentions that London may have more restaurants than the Indian capital New Delhi. Although that in itself is a controversial take, as India is so diverse and restaurants of different cuisines from different parts of the country, along with tiny food stalls, dhabas, and thousands of other small eaters make up the scene. Indian culinary. Limiting yourself to that only in restaurants that have the means to have an atmosphere and a decor, is by nature a classist notion. Some of India’s “hidden gems” can be found in the lanes of the streets, in crowded markets, in open-air stalls. Places get their reputation not from fancy reviews on a restaurant platform like Zomato or DineOut, but by word of mouth. New York certainly can have great Indian food, but the fact that it’s the best in the world, surpassing India itself, perhaps rightly leaves a bitter taste in Indian mouths.

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