British dad hits out at Indian restaurant over ‘Farce’ Christmas dinner, owner responds


Christmas celebrations are incomplete for many without a lip-smacking dining session with your favorite treats. Choosing the right type of restaurant for your Christmas dinner can be difficult. Something similar happened with Rick Arpino who found himself annoyed by an Indian restaurant in Bury, Greater Manchester, after he ‘ruined’ his children’s Christmas dinner. The father of four had visited Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant with his partner and children on Christmas Eve, according to a Manchester Evening News report. He ordered two Indian dinners for the adults and four Christmas dinners for the children.

Rick claims his kids just got fries, chicken, and a fried tomato. Rick lashed out at the restaurant through a post on Facebook and Tripadvisor where he said: “What an absolute restaurant joke – Christmas dinner was ruined for our kids on the whim of this. establishment.”

Restaurant manager Shah Munim defended the restaurant from the bad review and said they did not serve Christmas dinners due to low interest. He also said they called customers before Christmas Day to take orders.

Munim said he also wrote to Tripadvisor complaining about the negative review. He went on to explain that bothering to cook a traditional British Christmas dinner wasn’t worth it when very few orders came in for it. He said they gave Rick and his family options, which they chose chicken and fries from.

“But unfortunately after they left they wrote on Facebook and Tripadvisor. I don’t know why they are doing this, “he said.

Rick’s post received a lot of comments from people, with some defending the restaurant while others sided with him.

“I think Christmas dinner was ruined the second you decided to go for an Indian for Christmas dinner,” one comment said.

Another comment defended the restaurant saying that although Ruposhi served wonderful Indian food, it shouldn’t have been the place to go for a typical Christmas dinner. The user told Rick that it would be better if he looked for another restaurant instead of bashing it.

On Christmas Eve, Ruposhi served nearly 80 customers, one of whom left a 5-star review. “We came for Christmas day six of us, great food, again fantastic service and the staff curries were spot on. Thank you for a great meal, ”they said.

Shah Munim, who has run the restaurant for 11 years, said it had been difficult to win back customers after the lockdown ended.

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