Chai Pani Indian restaurant serving chaat, vada pa and more voted best in the US


India is known for its various food recipes which are served in famous Indian restaurants all over the world. Traditional Indian curries and breads are popular for their use of flavorful herbs and spices in different countries. This love for Indian cuisine has extended to street food specialties like bhel puri, tikki, chaat, vada pav and more. An Indian restaurant, ‘Chai Pani’, serving street food, has been voted the best restaurant in the United States. Located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, this restaurant was named America’s Most Outstanding Restaurant at the James Beard Foundation Awards in Chicago.

The snack corner beat Brennan’s in New Orleans to win the supreme title. ‘Chai Pani’ is famous for serving street food like Aloo Tikki Chaat, Sweet Potato Chaat, Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Chicken Pakoras and more at nominal prices. Apart from snacks, the restaurant also serves fusion wraps, burgers, a variety of North and South Indian thalis, bowls and desserts on their menu. Find out below:

“Some of the best food in any country is street food, and ‘Chai Pani’ offers chaat – crispy, spicy, sweet, tangy Indian street snacks with bright flavors. And because there is no Nothing is more comforting and delicious in any culture than a home-cooked meal, Chai Pani also offers you thalis – traditional family meals showcasing India’s astonishing culinary diversity. mentions the details on the restaurant’s official website.

The restaurant’s first outlet was opened in 2009 in Asheville and is run by five-time James Beard-appointed chef Meherwan Irani. It has now spread to seven locations, including Charlotte, North Carolina, Decatur, Georgia, and Atlanta, Georgia.

During her acceptance speech for the award, Irani talked about restaurants having the power to transform the world. “Restaurants are so much greater than the sum of what is inside the four walls. A restaurant has the power to transform the people who work there, to transform the people who enter it, to transform communities we find ourselves in, to transform society,” he said.


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