Chapter 2 Restaurant in Kolkata Hosts Anglo-Indian Food Festival


Anglo-Indian cuisine developed during British rule in India, a mixture of Indian spices and game roasts and stews of the British. If you’ve never tasted the flavors, here’s your chance.

The retro restaurant Chapter 2 in Kolkata is hosting an Anglo-Indian food festival that will bring the best of this special cuisine to your tables.

The menu will include popular Anglo-Indian dishes such as cold cucumber soup, beef macaroni soup, railroad prawn cutlet, chilli beef fries, Anglo-Indian mixed vegetable cutlet, Anglo-Indian roast pork, mixed vegetable foogath, Country Captain chicken curry, Bhoonie pork, pork sorbotel and prawn balchao.

Europeans (mainly British) and Indians have shared a layered history for centuries, and cultures have left their mark across continents, affecting many facets of the average urban Indian’s way of life. Alongside the chaotic episodes of upheaval and revolution, during the British Raj also unfolded beautiful stories of friendship, love, admiration and practice. Many genres like language, faith, education and family have influenced Indian and British ways of life. Food was one of the areas where the influences were most felt.

Throughout the colonial period, many new hybrid dishes were born, thanks to the efforts and innovations of the Indians khansamas and cooks who combined spices and other ingredients for otherwise bland Western dishes. They have toned down the spiciness and spiciness of typical Indian dishes to suit the delicate palates of foreigners. Thus, a new kitchen takes shape. After independence, some of the Europeans, French and Portuguese who remained in India formed a nuptial bond with Indian ancestors. This union resulted in greater cultural exchange later. The dishes prepared in these homes were subtle and distinctive in nature and became a direct reflection of the multicultural and hybrid heritage of the new colonial population, and were aptly named after the unique community formed by the Anglo-Indians .

“Anglo-Indian cuisine has such a rich and vibrant history,” said Shiladitya and Debaditya Chaudhury, co-founders of Chapter 2. “The Anglo-Indian food festival at Chapter 2 showcases colonial influences and offers authentic Anglo-Indian dishes that are now only prepared in Anglo-Indian homes. Interestingly, our chef Sushanta’s grandfather, the late Bijoy Haldar, had worked as a chef at the legendary Skyroom, once a foodie’s paradise known for its continental cuisine. Sushanta is now paying the ultimate tribute to Kolkata’s culinary history by continuing his grandfather’s estate.”

Chapter 2 represents something very different from the serene and tranquil locality in which it is set. The two brothers Shiladitya and Debadityaa are also behind the popular chains Oudh 1590 and Chowman, and started Chapter 2 as a throwback to the glamorous days of Park Street in the 60s and 70s. Anglo-Indian once served at iconic Park Street restaurants like Skyroom and Blue Fox.


Cost: The prices of the dishes are between Rs 250 and Rs 550. A meal for two would cost around Rs 1,000 plus taxes (without alcohol).

Or: Chapter 2, P-377, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay Sarani, Southern Avenue, Kolkata – 700029

Time: 12 p.m. to 11 p.m.


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