Chennai’s Resto-Bar, Black Orchid’s Beer Festival, offers an irresistible gourmet menu


Beer-Garlic Spiced Butter Shrimp

An October Oktoberfest never really comes down to drinking. Of course, while the Black Orchid’s Beer Cocktails and Barbeque festival celebrates tap-based concoctions, it’s also a menu of mouth-watering food that we really write home about.

Monk Beirita Cocktail

Shell that we taste?

To start, we sip a casual blend of homemade pineapple toddy and a freshly brewed brew. Tod’s Weizen is reminiscent of a tepache and provides an elegant backdrop for the tasty and juicy rib platter that accompanies it. The large plump grilled shrimp are accompanied by the shell, but the buttered garlic has perfectly seeped into the sweet meat. We accompany him by a Beirita monk. With a mild taste of Old Monk rum and hints of sweet peach, this one scores high on the potent scale.

Todd’s Weizen Cocktail

Tofu fighters

Then we play fair and snack on vegetarian options like Korean barbecue tofu. The promising sounding cocktail Call Me Later that arrives to us ends up being our favorite. We savor it even as we reach the Oktoberfest signature, a plate of wurst. Sausages are bursting with flavor and juice.

Pint of sight

If you are a beer lover, the next one is for you. Our bartender covers the glass with a lemon infused foam and as you sip it you will realize that once the foam is finished this is a classic pint. However, the pricey thing is soon overshadowed by a platter of Korean barbecue fillet skewers. We bite into the succulent rooms with reverence and declare without further delay the winner of the evening.

Until October 31, priced at INR 1,600, for a meal for two.


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