Copper fireplace: Indian cuisine made unforgettable


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Amid the extravagance and glory of the Dubai restaurant scene is Copper Chimney, a restaurant featuring cuisines from the Undivided North India to take each of its guests on a memorable culinary journey through the rich culinary history of the country. While the ambiance of the restaurant will transport you to a family home in the middle of Mumbai, the setting and serenity of Copper Chimney is not its only attribute.

“We use handpicked spices from Indian farms to perfect our secret spice blends that have been preserved for the past three generations,” says Ganesh Rana, Managing Director of Copper Chimney. “Our food is not only aimed at the inhabitants of the subcontinent, but it is also appreciated by the Emiratis. We have followed our founder JK Kapur’s vision of serving every dish to perfection since 1972. Every dish at Copper Chimney has a story aligned with its secret recipes, so we believe in creating experiences by ensuring that cooking Indian be made unforgettable.

The menu features recipes that celebrate the cuisines of Peshawar Delhi. The restaurant’s most popular dishes include the grilled burrah chops, tender lamb chops marinated overnight and cooked at 900 ° F for the perfect flavor, and the Parda Gosht Biryani, which is created with long grains. saffron rice and tender pieces of perfectly cooked meat. on Dum. “We also offer boneless butter chicken simmered in our signature tomato and butter flavored sauce,” says Rana. “Besides Dal Maharaja, an eight-hour simmered lentil dish covered in cream and butter, is our highlight.”

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence Day, Copper Chimney hosted a Kebab Festival August 8-31 where diners can enjoy a wide range of all-you-can-eat kebabs for just Dh69. “In addition to providing our internal customers with experience of the Mumbai branch of the restaurant, to mark the significance of India’s Independence Day, we will present the prices of the dishes on our menu in Indian Rupees,” a declared Rana.


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