Dad’s Angry Food at Indian Restaurant on Christmas “Wasn’t Traditional”

Indian bar and restaurant Ruposhi said customers have been told they are not serving the traditional Christmas lunch (Photos: MEN / Google)

A father complained that the Christmas lunch he ordered at an Indian restaurant was not “traditional” and ruined his family’s day.

Rick Arpino has reserved a table at Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant in Bury, Greater Manchester for Christmas Day.

He pre-ordered curries for himself and his partner and a Christmas lunch for his four children.

But when the day came, the children were served chicken, fries and half a fried tomato.

Manager Shah Munim insists his staff called all Christmas diners to tell them the restaurant had changed their original decision to offer a traditional lunch – as there had not been enough interest to justify cost and workload.

But Mr Arpino claims he was only told his kids would get chicken instead of turkey, not that there was no roast at all.

He posted on Tripadvisor: “What an absolute restaurant joke – Christmas dinner was ruined for our kids on the spur of the moment at this establishment.”

Mr Arpino added: “Yes, I knew the meat had changed, but no need to inform me that they had decided not to serve the Christmas toppings at all. Seriously! ‘

Mr. Arpino's children's chicken and fries were served on Christmas Day.  A father complained that the food at Ruposhi Indian Bar & Restaurant in Bury, Greater Manchester was unconventional.

Mr Arpino’s children were given chicken and fries instead of the Christmas lunch they expected (Photo: MEN Media)

However, another guest, Rachel Bowen, said staff had indeed told her they no longer offer a traditional lunch.

Many people have since hit back at Mr Arpino for expecting a traditional Christmas lunch at an Indian restaurant in the first place.

“I think Christmas dinner was ruined the second you decided to go for an Indian for Christmas dinner! Commented Peter Holden.

Local John Southworth said, “Ruposhi is a fabulous Indian restaurant serving delicious Indian food, we love it there.

“However, it would probably be at the bottom of my list of places to host a ‘traditional’ British Christmas lunch. Maybe try another establishment rather than give it a bad review? “

Likewise, Ms Bowen said: “I couldn’t blame [the restaurant] we all had the curry – amazing.

“After all, this is an Indian curry house. If you wanted English food I would suggest going to a pub or somewhere else.

“They came to us asking if everything was okay, so you should have said something and not denounced them all over Facebook.”

Mr Munim has now complained to Tripadvisor about the review, adding that it had been difficult to get things back to normal during the pandemic.

He said: “It’s a very difficult time to run a business right now. It’s easy for them to write a review on Tripadvisor, but it’s hard to run a business and keep customers happy. ‘

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