Desi Spice Hut takes over Salisbury’s ‘first’ Indian restaurants


A new Indian take-out restaurant opens today on Fisherton Street, taking over premises with great heritage.

Desi Spice Hut take-out and collection opens at 4.30pm at 157 Fisherton Street, said to be home to one of Salisbury’s first Indian restaurants.

During the renovation of the facade of the building, the new owners even discovered the original sign of the “Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant” which opened in 1977.

Nasir Ali, 91, who opened the original restaurant, said: “We first opened this Indian restaurant after swapping it with the Italian restaurant next door, it was the year of the death of Elvis.

“Indian cuisine was still fairly new to England and certainly new to Salisbury as it was one of the first restaurants in Salisbury. I wish the new owners the best as they continue this legacy in these premises.”

While renovating the new Deli Spice Hut spot, they discovered the original sign which may have come from Salisbury’s first Indian restaurant.

Tohur Ali, a chef from Salisbury who worked at the Shah Jahan in South Western Road for 30 years, helped the new family business take off.

He said he was “pretty excited” and “confident” about today’s opening.

The 48-year-old added: “Customers will judge our success.

“We have different flavors, to suit different tastes, if you want it really hot we can do that, mild dishes and a combination of flavors.

“The menu is balanced enough to suit most tastes, so give it a try.”

The term “Desi” is Sanskrit and encompasses the entire South Asian region, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Mr. Ali described the food as “authentic taste that you can get without being at home”.

Salisbury Diary:

Mr Miah, 57, who has lived in Salisbury since the 1980s and oversees the operations of Desi Spice Hut Takeaway, welcomes “opening up to the community”.

Information such as hours of operation, menus and phone numbers can be found on their new webpage.

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