Diner freaks out after Indian restaurant chefs refuse to make him curry without a single ingredient


A restaurant owner responded to a customer who complained that the restaurant could not cater to his allergies. The restaurant had visited the home of the curry in the Black Country but said it was a “joke” that they couldn’t make a curry without peppers.

The customer said staff at Wombourne Tandoori, near Wolverhampton, were also unfriendly. The customer added that “the restaurant does not deserve your business”.

Wombourne Tandoori, near the High Street, has a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor – with almost 450 reviews. It is also included in Wolverhampton’s top 25 restaurants, according to the travel website, and also won a Travellers’ Choice Award in 2021.

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A recent reviewer said it was a “superb restaurant”. While another said that despite moving abroad 12 years ago, they still make sure to visit Wombourne Tandoori when they return home.

But this particular client, from Birmingham, left his negative thoughts on Tripadvisor after visiting earlier this year. The title of the review read “awful, don’t bother!”

And the short review in full read, “Don’t bother! Horrible, and can’t cater for allergies!

“Staff attitude was not friendly and when they can’t make curry without peppers, what a joke. There are many Indian restaurants nearby where you will be welcomed and catered to your preferences. This restaurant does not deserve your things.”

But the owner of Wombourne Tandoori, identified as Rafique on Tripadvisor, decided to respond to the criticism – and said he had spoken ‘the truth to protect your health’. He added that most of their curries have peppers mixed into the base of the sauce.

He added that if informed in advance they could make a curry without the peppers. Rafique’s response said: “This is not a true representation of your experience, I myself have served you as the owner of Rafique for over 30 years.

“I’ve been honest with you that if you’re allergic to peppers I’d advise you don’t take curry as most of our dishes already have peppers mixed into the base of the sauce…if you want a curry and give give us 24 hours notice, we can prepare one especially for you.

“Did you feel the need to leave such a bad review because I’m telling the truth to protect your health.”

Wombourne Tandoori has 440 reviews on Tripadvisor, of which 354 are rated as “excellent” or “very good”. A review from two weeks ago said: “I have been visiting WT for over 10 years now.

“The service is always excellent with friendly staff, who make a real effort to get to know you. The food has always been very tasty.

“I took some colleagues out for a meal and they thought it was a superb restaurant.”

Amy said: “Another wonderful meal. Great service with delicious food as always. On a very busy evening the food came out without a long wait.”

Mary said: “Rafique and the whole team at Wombourne are exceptional, very warm and welcoming. I have been coming here for many years as the whole experience is so enjoyable ohh and the food is delicious!!!”

While this visitor, who lives in Dubai, added: “Great food, great service, welcoming staff! I moved overseas from Wombourne 12 years ago but if there was one thing I could have taken with me it would be this!

“Always make sure to go see Rafique whenever I visit Wombourne. Totally recommend the Balti hot madras special!”

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