Diner is testing whether it’s faster to take your own McDonald’s than using Uber Eats


Home delivery has exploded over the past two years as lockdowns have seen a huge increase in the number of us ordering takeout and how often we want it. McDonald’s has announced a number of expansions to its McDelivery service – hiring new partners and redesigning its branches to make things faster and more efficient.

But is it faster to have it delivered to your doorstep, or is it worth jumping in the car and doing it yourself? MEN writer Emma Gill decided to find out for herself.

She said: “After sending my order through Uber Eats, I left at the exact same time, 6:45 p.m. last Saturday, with my mission to order and pick up the exact same items in store. At this point, Uber was giving me a estimated delivery time 20-30 minutes. With the restaurant being 2.5km from my house, about 10 minutes away, I wasn’t sure if I was going to beat that or not.

“I had already been informed via the Uber Eats app that milkshakes were not available – when are they ever? – so it was no surprise to find the same when I arrived at the branch in Tyldesley, Wigan, to place my order .

The queue inside McDonald’s (Image: Manchester Family/MEN)

“When I arrived there were a few customers waiting for their food, as well as three delivery drivers picking up orders for people at home. While customers looked at the watches as they waited in line, I heard drivers also complaining about their expectations – maybe they don’t have priority after all.

“My order number was at the bottom of a fairly long list, but it was more for online orders than in-store customers. At 7:18 p.m. I had my order in my hands and less than 10 minutes later – 7:27 p.m. – I was home and unpacking.

“It took another 11 minutes for the Uber to arrive and I recognized the driver of one of the three who was standing in the store. He must have been picking up and delivering a few orders at a time, otherwise he would surely have come back before me.

I was home and unpacked over 10 minutes before Uber Eats arrived

I was home and unpacked over 10 minutes before Uber Eats arrived (Image: Manchester Family/MEN)

“That probably explains why it was also a bit cooler than my own collection. The bags can only keep it warm for so long. What was most disappointing was that my order was also wrong. I had ordered , among other things, a crispy chicken Italiano What arrived was The Italian Stack.

“While I was still eating it, it wasn’t what I ordered. When you decide on chicken, you’re set for chicken, right, not two beef patties. McDonald’s acknowledged that changes are needed to accommodate the relentless ‘change of pace he’s been experiencing, with the pandemic accelerating his online claim.’

I ordered a Crispy Chicken Italiano.  What happened was The Italian Stack

I ordered a Crispy Chicken Italiano. What happened was The Italian Stack (Image: Manchester Family/MEN)

She added, “After winning my race against Uber, I think I’ll stick to the traditional route for now.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are so sorry to hear about your experience. We take order accuracy very seriously and have a number of procedures in place to prevent inaccurate orders. We are disappointed to have been below these on this occasion.

“If a customer has a problem, we encourage them to either speak to a member of the restaurant team or contact our customer service team.”

If someone receives an incorrect order through Uber Eats or Just Eat, he said customers are encouraged to contact the person they ordered with so they can “then contact the restaurant to work out a resolution.”

An Uber spokesperson said: “McDonalds is one of the most popular choices for customers in Manchester. We always strive for the highest standards of customer service and our excellent network of couriers work hard. to deliver meals on time. We encourage any user who has a problem with an order to contact us through the Help section of the app they used to make their purchase.


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