EatBeat: House of Punjab offers Indian cuisine in Grand Forks


With some friends, I sampled a few dishes from the menu which includes Punjab starters served with rice. And the rice is served with chicken, vegetables, lamb, shrimp and goat. There are appetizers including Gull Gape – a deep fried, bite-sized scoop filled with potatoes, chickpeas, onion, cilantro, and flavored water.

One of the main dishes is roast chicken marinated in a special curry sauce with peppers and onions. Many main dishes are served with wild rice. The breads are baked in the tandoori oven in 13 different versions, including the tandoori roasted wheat flour bread.

In addition to the starters and main courses, there are skewers of lamb, chicken tikka and chicken.

The restaurant serves bread, sides and desserts. And the desserts range from Gulab Jamun – a homemade cake ball dipped in sweet syrup, one of India’s most popular sweets.

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La Maison du Pendjab is run by a family from India. They came to New York in 1992. And they moved to the Grand Forks area several years ago.

Among the operators of the new House of Punjab are Paramjit Singh and Jagdish Singh, manager: Tajinder Singh and Jogdeep Singh the chefs.

Some of them first settled in New York where they were primarily engaged in driving taxis. They moved west and found opportunities in restaurants.

At the Grand Forks restaurant, they closed the kitchen and changed the seating arrangement. There is shiny new carpet and more artwork.

Simi, a daughter, and Harper, a son, who work in the new restaurant, are also students at UND.

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Punjab House

3000 32nd avenue S.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Phone: 701-757-0766

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day

Seats: 80 at the stand and tables.

Report card: A new, brightly decorated Indian cafe opened in the space where donuts were the main attraction. It opened last week and brings an Indian flavor to the Grand Forks restaurant scene.


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