Exclusive preview of the opening weekend of Aylesbury’s new Indian restaurant


Tiffin and Thali at Aylesbury opened for the first time, with many well-known Bucks business leaders and personalities attending its official launch party.

Among those keen to get a first look at the new restaurant that took over the wanted unit on The Exchange was Aylesbury MP Rob Butler.

Staff say initial feedback to the restaurant has been overwhelmingly positive and customers have appreciated the traditional approach to Indian cuisine.

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Speaking to the Bucks Herald last month ahead of the restaurant’s launch, owner Usman Majid said: “It’s a very traditional service, it’s what most Indians tend to eat at home.

“Everyone will have their own Thali, which is a mixture of five to six different flavors, sweet, sour, astringent.

“There are six items in the meal that are all healthy, so you get protein, grains, etc.

“It’s very different to anything you get at Aylesbury.

“When you go to an Indian, you expect dhansak, vindaloos and kormas. We don’t do anything like that.

“There will be five or six different curries that you can heat up whoever you want, mild, medium or strong.”

Tiffin and Thali have taken over the unit which has been vacant since Gourmet Burger Kitchen closed over a year ago.

Usman is no stranger to fine dining in Aylesbury, he also runs The Grill Steakhouse located on Exchange Street.

He said: “It’s just a natural progression. When The Grill Steakhouse started 10 years ago, there was a mixture of curry and steak, as the steak grew and grew and became more and more busy, we went to a steakhouse.

“We have origins 10 years ago in curry and Indian cuisine. It brings back the curry element of the grill, as a standalone business.”

Tiffin and Thali can accommodate up to 114 guests at a time and are managed by a team of 23 staff.

From Monday April 11, the restaurant is offering Desi breakfasts from 10am.

You can take a closer look at Aylesbury’s new venture by browsing the photo gallery below:


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