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What to do with a cavernous space inside an old clock factory? Using it to make pizza and serve beer seems to work well.

Fire on Fifth Pizzeria and Beer Hall, located inside the Westclox building, is accessed through the main entrance off Fifth Street (US 6) in Peru, hence its name. The sprawling interior houses a restaurant with wood-fired ovens specializing in pizza, as well as a brasserie for sipping at a unique self-service station.

The Mystery Diner came to eat, not drink, so the carbs under the microscope here are from cooking, not brewing. Our meal consisted of two pizzas and an appetizer. A highlight of the experience was the crack service – our server was friendly and attentive, and refilled our soda glasses ($3 unlimited refills) before they were nearly empty.

Pizzas range from $10 to $16, with a choice of crust: handmade, gluten-free, and cauliflower. Being cooked over a wood fire, the crust has the usual revealing char. The menu includes 12 specialty pies as well as make-your-own options with a choice of eight sauces (including Buffalo and garlic butter) and 30 toppings.

The menu warns that there are no substitutions, meaning you can remove toppings — hold onions, for example — but you can’t add ingredients to specialty pizzas.

We enjoyed an appetizer of baked meatballs, served with toasted Italian bread to mop up the tomato sauce, the wax paper-lined serving tray made to look like a fake newspaper. Fire on Fifth is proud of its presentation.

For starters, the Mystery Diner ordered a Margherita pizza, while my table mate opted for a do-it-yourself one that included a cauliflower crust and garlic butter sauce topped with tomatoes and garlic. black olives.

The menu also features appetizers, salads, grilled subs and desserts.

The wood fire is definitely a quick way to cook pizza, so our pies were on the table in a snap. We were seated and fed, and paid in a whirlwind 45 minutes.

The restaurant has a self-service “pouring wall” offering 30 selections. This is an innovative design: the casting wall has 10 card readers each mounted on three taps. You insert your card, pour, then remove the card – no need to hail a waiter to fetch your beer for you. An interactive menu provides detailed descriptions of each beer.

Classic rock tunes added to the sound level in the old industrial setting which is not without chic urban charm. The restaurant and bar are tucked away in what appears to be an old engine room or assembly station that still bears beams and giant brick ceiling fans. To one side is a games area and pool table with several TVs for sports fans to see the score.

The space is large enough to currently display an eye-catching vintage Chevrolet, without cutting into the seats or the ample standing room.

Fire at the Fifth Pizzeria and Brewery in Peru.

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WHAT: Fire at the Fifth Pizzeria and the Beer Hall

WHERE: 300 Fifth St., Peru, inside the Westclox Building

CALL: 815-780-2050



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