Gaylord Famous Indian restaurant Laneway moves to Spencer Street


The Indian restaurant with roots in the CBD for longer than we think has moved from its infamous 35-year-old residence on Tattersalls Lane. As the city flourished through its cultural and culinary renaissance Gaylord stood as the pinnacle of Indian cuisine and hosted a multitude of different diners who roamed one of the city’s busiest alleys.

In its new space at the Grand Hotel on Spencer Street, Gaylord has started welcoming new and old diners to its bright and welcoming dining area, adorned with bright contrasts of gold and pink rugs and furniture with traditional artwork. from Parchinkari.

Now led by new owners Dharminder Singh and former Gaylord manager Raj Singh, the couple are focused on continuing the Gaylord legacy. Developing authentic regional Indian cuisine and re-establishing the restaurant as a staple of Melbourne’s dining scene. “If you don’t know a dish from a particular region well, you find someone from that region who can teach it to you,” says Dharminder, “but it has to be an authentic recipe, you don’t take any shortcuts.

Their new menu reflects their desire to showcase the diversity of dishes from the regions of India. The full menu is a tour de force of flavors with dishes like Goat Nihari, a slow cooking spice stew that is traditionally eaten after sunrise as well as Baigan Bhartha, a mixed fire roasted eggplant puree. with dry spices, fresh coriander and ginger. .

Gaylord’s legacy as one of Melbourne’s historic Indian restaurants continues, regardless of its location, it will serve high quality and passionate Indian cuisine plate after plate, providing diners with a truly unique experience.

Gaylord is open Monday to Friday from 5.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

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