Greek themed restaurant Olterra offers an unforgettable experience in Kolkata


Olterra’s bar

Imagine sipping an alluring Gin Basil Smash in the largest bar (100ft) in town with a 25ft sculpture of the Greek god Zeus watching over you from above. Experience the new Olterra lounge bar, right in the heart of the city, on Park Street. The chic 13,000-square-foot waterhole features impressive Greek-themed decor and an elaborate deejay console with a wall-to-wall LED screen. Columns, sculptures, gray walls, and subdued lighting – all designed by great interior designer Sumesh Menon – take you to one of the bustling yet quaint pubs of Santorini or Mykonos. With 175 spacious place settings, the best part of Olterra is its rooftop setting, perfect for lazy winter brunches or chill out evenings.

Cigar Rolls
Pepper cigar rolls

The menu offers an eclectic mix of global cuisine with delicious Italian numbers like pasta, pizza and ravioli, with a friendly twist. Delicate sushi makes a great element of a quick bite outside of the sliders, wraps, and tandoori options. We started the review with Chilli Cigar Rolls, crispy fried Indian roomali bread stuffed with cheese and served with a spicy tomato dip. Next is the Edible Lava Coal, an activated charcoal coated croquet infused with gooey cheese and a yogurt fondue that wowed us with its smoky taste. Among the starters, opt for their Avocado Cream Cheese Rolls which are served with pickled ginger, wasabi and soy and make a great tangy dish. We washed it all down with some mouthwatering drams like Elder Flower Whiskey Sour and Let’s Move to Bellini, curated by the bartender.

Edible lava charcoal

Among the varied epicurean choices in the main courses, we sampled the Grilled Chicken Break and a hearty and tasty dish served with mashed potatoes and green vegetables sautéed in redux red wine. Paprika Veg is also a great option for herbivores. The fresh vegetables cooked in paprika cream and served with herb butter rice, spring onion and green spring mash are delicious, to say the least. Plus, Sri Lankan Cashew Curry is a staple. Made with homemade curry made from coconut and lime, the vegetables optimally absorb the taste of the sauce and the tender cashew nut. The dessert section was short and sweet. We tasted the Baklava and the Turkish filo pastry has a nice crunch, although it needs a bit more perfection. For all lovers of craft beers, good news, the point of sale will soon have its own brewery.

Pocket pinch: Rs1,200 +


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