Hilarious reaction! A man tries Indian food for the first time; His reaction takes the internet by storm


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Many people like to try a variety of dishes at various restaurants. Indian food, on the other hand, holds a special place in the hearts of many people due to its flavor and variety. This viral clip will convince you that Indian cuisine is some of the best in the world.

In the video, a Nigerian is first seen enjoying food at a restaurant in Connecticut, United States. The man’s response after tasting the food was so good that internet users loved the video.

Instagram influencer pair Taccara Rae and Lamboginny shared the video. They documented their experience after consuming Indian food on their Ling & Lamb Instagram account. In the meantime, the video has gone viral.

The couple are seen in the film visiting Indian cuisine Bonani Take Out, where they order a thali with rice, paratha and lamb Vindaloo, a Goan-inspired Indian curry dish. It is often described as a hot and spicy dish.

After tasting the food, the Nigerian man was so elated that he volunteered to pay twice as much.
When the food has been presented, Lamboginny can be heard saying, “Is that Vindaloo lamb?” on the video. “I’m not going to pay if it’s not sweet.”
“It’s not sweet at all.” The waiter said, “It’s a little spicy.”
Lamboginny couldn’t help but ask for another serving of rice after just one bite of Lamb Vindaloo. After devouring the Indian thali, Lamboginny said, “I am already Indian.
He said to the waitress, “I’ll pay double.” He also asked for more dishes to be wrapped for himself.
As soon as the video went viral, social media users expressed their enthusiasm for Indian cuisine.

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