House owner Alton Curry ‘didn’t recognize’ Hollywood star restaurant


HOLLYWOOD star Alec Baldwin sparked a flurry of interest on Instagram when he posted footage of himself walking along a street in Alton over the weekend.

Excited Altonians were quick to take to social media after recognizing a number of shops, including Aplan Insurance and Holybourne Flooring, and the Curtis Museum in the background as the movie star walked along Normandy Street telling a funny story about arriving at Heathrow Airport to find his driver had his car stolen.

Mr Baldwin, 63, then posted another video walking up the street, thinking about what life must be like in a small town like Alton, as he made his way to the Alton House hotel where he was staying.

The actor was also spotted on Sunday evening dining with disgraced former BBC journalist Martin Bashir at Indian restaurant Mifta in the market square. The couple are former colleagues who worked together for an American broadcast network.

Mifta Chowdhury, the owner of Mifta’s, told the Herald that Mr. Baldwin had dined at the curry house not once but twice, having also eaten there alone on Friday evening. “He came in alone on Friday around 8:45 p.m. and sat next to the window, but opposite it. I didn’t recognize him because I haven’t seen any of his films. he said.

The actor returned to Mifta’s with Mr Bashir on Sunday as the restaurant was busy and some customers realized it was him.

“A customer at another table said to me, ‘One of them is very famous. Let me know how much he tips you! said Mr. Chowdhury.

the Herald includes that they enjoyed a chicken jalfrezi, Bombay aloo, chana masala, three chapattis, rice pilaf and two bottles of plain water.

Mr Baldwin is said to have traveled to Hampshire to film a drama titled 97 Minutes about a hijacked plane that has just 97 minutes of fuel left before it crashes. Filming is believed to have taken place at Black Hangar Studios, Lasham Airfield, which boasts one of the UK’s largest stages and the country’s largest permanent green screen cyclorama – just the type of facility needed for a blockbuster on the big screen.

The role will see Mr Baldwin return to acting for the first time since an incident in October which devastated him after he fired a prop gun loaded with live ammunition on the set of the film. Rust in New Mexico. Tragically, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, was killed and director Joel Souza, 48, injured when the gun went off.


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