Hungry diner outrage over Indian takeaway arriving 20 hours after ordering it


Ruth Anderton placed an order for £23.50 for three items at Sangam Balti House in Preston at around 10pm on February 20 but did not receive it until 8pm.

Ruth Anderton ordered a takeaway delivery from Sangam Balti home in Preston on February 20

A woman was left stunned when her three-item order from an Indian takeaway showed up on her doorstep 20 hours later.

Ruth Anderton shared the shocking wait time at Sangam Balti House on the local Facebook group, Preston Restaurant & Take Out Reviews.

Ruth claimed her order was placed at 10.06pm on February 20, priced at £23.50 with a discount and no delivery charge, Lancs Live reports.

It wasn’t until the next day – about 20 hours later – that her order arrived, she claims.

Although hers was accepted, takeout told her they would not prepare orders after 10 p.m.

The £23.50 takeaway consisted of a meat thaly – a shared meal for three – a regular portion of chips and a bottle of Coca Cola.

His order arrived the next day, about 20 hours after the initial order


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The order receipt stated that Ruth’s food should have arrived just after 11 p.m. the night she placed the order, which was Sunday, February 20.

Ruth said she tried to follow up on the order, but no one answered her calls.

A day later she called back and claimed she had been told no orders could be taken after 10pm – although Ruth’s own order was accepted.

Shortly after that second phone call, she claims a delivery driver came to her house and delivered the food at 6 p.m. the day after she ordered it.

He allegedly told her he would reimburse her by sending a driver with his money, but she said the driver “never showed up”.

In her public message, Ruth said: “Sangam Balti House, Lostock Hall. Watch ordered time and date.

” When he arrived ? 6 p.m. the next day. I rang to find out where he was the day before but no answer.

“When I called the next day, the guy on the phone told me there were no more orders after 10 p.m. But they were quick enough to take the money right away.

“Within minutes a delivery driver knocked on my door while I was still on the phone. 7pm late. I said how unimpressed I was and he said he would refund me sending a driver the next day with my money.Never showed.

“I had to punch my number and ignore myself. I might visit them the next time I’m at Lostock Hall.”

Sangam Balti House was contacted for comment by LancsLive but did not respond before publication.

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