‘Inauthentic’ Indian Daughter-in-Law Opening in Byron


Jessi Singh has been busy. In 2020, the chef-restaurateur introduced two new venues to his Melbourne restaurant stable: the Mrs Singh wine bar and the four-story Mr Brownie pub. And earlier this year, he opened a second outpost at the colorful Daughter in Law restaurant, this time in Adelaide.

Next month, he will open a third.

Singh brings the playful concept of the daughter-in-law – what he calls “an unauthentic Indian” – to his favorite place in Australia: Byron Bay.

“Opening a restaurant is a great excuse to spend more time here,” he says. Large format. “One of the main reasons I wanted to be a part of this small town is the amazing weather, the microclimate, the local farms and the local seafood on offer.”

In Melbourne and Adelaide, Daughter in Law serves punchy flavors and fun cocktails. Expect the same in Byron Bay, but with a more emphasis on fresh seafood (although vegetarian and vegan options abound).

Singh is silent on menu details, but teases the ceviche; crudo; Indian oysters; fried rice with sea urchins; tandoori shrimp, fish and octopus; and Indian fried calamari and chicken. He plans to visit the farmer’s market every week and let it dictate the menu.

“There is such a large growing community here, and as a chef that’s what I love the most. I can buy directly from farmers – no middleman, ”he says. “There is an abundance of local seafood and meat, as well as rich and diverse products grown in the rivers of the North.”

Sommelier Bhatia Dheeraj (ex-Est and Penfolds Magill Estate; he is also co-owner of Ms. Singh) takes care of the wine list, a mix of local, interstate and foreign producers. Cocktails include a sangria with Indian spices and an exclusive drink made with Brookie’s gin, tandoor-baked pineapple and lime with cardamom.

The 65-seater will have the same type of pastel-toned, jewel-toned, velvet-clad space as its siblings. DJs will play party tracks from the 80s and 90s, while famous Bollywood movies will be projected on the walls.

All profits from the opening night in mid-June will be donated to the Khaana Chahiye Foundation, a citizen-led organization that feeds vulnerable communities during the pandemic.

Daughter in Law is scheduled to open at 22 Fletcher Street in Byron Bay in mid-June 2021.



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