Indian Food Challenge at Lily’s in Ashton


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By: Pramod Thomas

An Indian vegetarian restaurant launched the Grand Thali contest last week.

With over 7kg of food on a 24-inch platter, Lily’s Vegetarian Indian Cuisine’s new Grand Thali challenge in Ashton hasn’t been taken on by anyone yet.

For £ 35, diners have an hour to complete the bundle, including a lassi and desserts.

According to reports, three people took part in the challenge last week but none succeeded. The huge task is to capture the imagination at Tameside.

“We just wanted to bring a little more excitement and something a little different,” said Parul Chauhan, one of the managers of the family restaurant.

“When we opened here in 2018 we were doing unlimited thali on a Thursday, the staff would go out and serve you as many times as you wanted. But with everything that is happening right now that has stopped.

“A lot of people have said they want to take the challenge, do their best, and taste all the different foods that we make – which they don’t always have. “

Lily’s has long been a favorite of vegetarian Indian cuisine in Tameside, the popular business having moved to a new restaurant in 2018.

The vegan Grand Thali included no less than six different types of curry, two daals, and three different types of rice. In addition, samosas, potato vadas, chaats, naans and puri are also served.


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