Indian food trends of 2021


The quarantine period changed the food dynamics not only of hoteliers and restaurants in India but also of our homes. People are migrating to more homemade and authentic dishes with traditional cooking styles.

In 2020, to cope with long periods of repeated lockdowns and stress related to Covid, many people have turned to food. They have devoted themselves to it a lot, to obtain the comfort they so badly need, a feeling of well-being and family friendliness.

Food trends for 2021 point to a global goal of better health for our bodies, our planet and our wallets. From cooking styles to star ingredients, you can expect many of the items on this list to become a part of the culinary landscape even beyond 2021.

Go through the list below and take a look at all the food trends we’ve had in 2021.

Come back from traditional cuisine

The quarantine period has been long and devastating for everyone around the world. People were locked in their homes, locked to their phones or televisions. To break free from their mundane routines, many people, including teenagers, began to practice their cooking skills. People have learned from their mothers and grandmothers. This made traditional Indian food popular among them again. With centuries-old recipes that smell of Indian spices, comfort food is once again popular.

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Cloud delivery services and kitchens

In recent years, food delivery services have become popular in India. It was an ongoing trend for some time. Due to covid-19, the structure of the restaurant suffered a lot of losses. People were holding back from going out. Startups like Zomato and other cloud kitchens have come to the service. People have turned to these online catering platforms more. And many small food businesses have been able to operate through these trading platforms. After all, who doesn’t love fresh, hot food delivered to their doorstep.

Nutrition above all

Throughout the lockdown, health has been a major concern for all age groups. In addition, physical training exercises and home workouts have become popular again.

This has led people to choose healthier foods. High protein diet videos have gained massive likes. Even online catering services have again seen the demand for nutrient-dense food options. People were looking for superfoods and immunity boosters because strong immunity was like a shield to protect against the pandemic. Since people are getting serious with their health now, this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ready meals

One thing that crossed the lockdown was the theme of “working from home”. Some were so busy in their 9 to 5 year cycle that they didn’t have a lot of free time, even at home. This has made ready-to-cook options very popular. They take a lot less time, but their main marketing point is that they have nutritional value.

Ready-to-cook foods have fewer calories and more carbohydrates and multivitamins, making them super nutritious. With people dying to lose their midlife fat, ready-to-cook foods can be the next big thing in the food industry.

Slow cooking scenes

During the quarantine period, slow cooking received a lot of attention. Slow cooking involves cooking a huge amount of food at very minimal heat for a longer period of time. Slow cooking can take about three to four hours or so. Having a lot of free time because of the pandemics, people have started to appreciate the old ways of slow cooking again. The flavor of any food, especially any type of meat, is enhanced by slow cooking.

Food slowly breaks down and becomes tender. All nutrients and flavors are absorbed well and the spices have more time to intertwine with the food. Nowadays, people use the slow cooker, available in the market, for slow cooking.

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