Indian restaurant arrives at Time Out Chicago Market Food Hall


Bar Goa, the next River North Indian restaurant offering street food and tropical drinks, is set to open next week along Hubbard Street. But that’s not the only news from the owners – they’re opening another location, taking up space inside the Time Out Market Chicago food court at Fulton Market.

River North’s location is inside the former Sleeping Turtle space, and co-owner Rina Mallick designed an airy room to remind guests of the Indian state’s beaches along the Arabian Sea. This location, 116 W. Hubbard Street, opens September 29. Rina Mallick and her husband Manish also own Rooh, the modern Indian restaurant on Randolph Street in West Loop, Chicago.

Xacuti Chicken Wings
Goa Bar

French fries on a plate and a flatbread sandwich.

The Goa Bar will feature Indian street food from the coastal state of Goa.
Time Out Market Chicago

While the Mallicks are busy preparing their River North space, they keep in touch with the management of Time Out Market, the food hall of the magazine of the same name. Time Out was determined to add diversity to its range of vendors, and they were won over by the fact that Bar Goa is a Chicago-born brand. They want to keep the local flavor inside their resort with current tenants including Arami Sushi, Mini Mott burgers and Shawn Michelle’s ice cream.

In the food hall, Bar Goa will offer an abbreviated version of the menu that it will offer to River North. Expect dishes like a pork vindaloo ‘poi-wich’ and coffee chicken stew with basmati rice. A nod to Goa’s history – it was a Portuguese colony for almost 450 years – the stand will also serve seasoned peri peri fries. The Mallicks have family in Goa. Their experiences led them to develop Bar Goa. Time Out Market’s Goa bar is scheduled to open on Monday, October 4.

In other Time Out news, the food hall is now open seven days a week for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Goa Bar, 116 W. Hubbard Street, scheduled to open September 29.

Bar Goa at Time Out Chicago Market, 916 W. Fulton Street, scheduled to open on October 4th.


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