Indian restaurant Balham voted best in London according to TripAdvisor out of 20,000


An Indian restaurant in Balham received the highest TripAdvisor rating in all of London, beating another 20,000 in first place.

Indian Room, on Bedford Hill in Balham, received the prestigious honor after 1,286 people rated it “Excellent”.

Abdul Mubin (known as Mubin), 39, and his brother Milad, 49, started the family business 22 years ago.

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Chefs Mr Uddin Juber and Rinqu with Mubin

Mubin told My London: “We just can’t believe the support we have received.

“When we first came to Balham it was completely different. There were only about three restaurants, now there are plenty. It’s now a lot richer, with more young professionals.

“It was a slow start at first, but now we have clients who have been with us for years.

“For example, a young couple came to the Balham restaurant early. Last week I felt old as I saw them when they came with their 13 year old daughter. And then she could come with her boyfriend. people might move from the area but they keep coming back.

They took first place

“These are the loyal customers who leave us great reviews and to whom we owe our success.”

Indian Room, like all hospitality venues, has been closed for over a year due to Covid. But Mubin said he was overwhelmed by how the South London community has come together to support them.

Mubin added, “Our customers have supported us by getting take out food. Some people even paid for prepaid vouchers. We were inundated with messages asking how they can help us. made very emotional at the time. “

One of the many TripAdvisor reviews giving five stars was very complimentary. It read: “What a fantastic Indian restaurant, fully deserving of its number one rating. The Hara kebab was an amazing starter served with two delicious sauces. The main dish of lamb with coconut was so tasty.”

Only 27 people rated the restaurant “terrible” – one called the washroom “terrible”.

Nonetheless, celebrities are known to appear in Indian Room, including Chief Ainsley Harriott and former Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow.

The restaurant is at 59 Bedford Hill, Balham

Mubin was born and raised in Brixton and is of Bangladeshi descent, and he and his brother were inspired by their late father who was a chef.

But after earning the prestigious “Best Indian Restaurant in London” award, what makes the food so good? What’s the secret ?

Mubin said, “Our curries are different. Normally restaurants use ghee (like butter) to make it tasty, but it’s not healthy. The next morning, you might have stomach cramps.

Authentic Indian’s Room dishes are enough to make anyone suddenly hungry

“We thought you knew what we want from tasty but healthy food. Without the ghee, it makes the task harder and more effortful for the chef. But it’s worth it.

“We use our own locally grown spices like cinnamon, cardamom, bay leaves. Everything is done in the restaurant. We don’t use any artificial colors, we draw color from beets. It makes our food different from the rest. other restaurants. That’s all I can say because the rest is a secret. “

Londoners (and Brits) clearly love Indian food. There are nearly 10,000 traditional curry houses in the UK and in London Indian cuisine has the highest number of Michelin stars (six).

“Other cuisines are simpler,” Mubin said, “but Indian is very technical. There is so much variety and something for everyone.”

You can visit the Indian Room website here.

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