Indian restaurant sells cryptocurrency-themed food, with huge success


Indian restaurant “Voosh” does things a little differently in India – where the country has the largest number of cryptocurrency investors in the world – has adopted cryptocurrency-themed foods on its menu.

Since the company took the step, it has seen only massive success and a huge influx of orders. Voosh’s best-selling product is their regular Indian tea, but with a more chic cryptocurrency-themed name of “Crypto Chai By Voosh”.

Alma Mater co-founder Varun Agarwal posted a screenshot on her personal Instagram of Voosh’s menu, stating: “Ah Bangalore, your beautyCrypto enthusiasts are very excited about Voosh’s moves, with over 100 million crypto investors in the country, making India the world’s hottest spot for digital currency. The Indian government regulates cryptocurrencies and a bill could be introduced in February 2022, not too far now.

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Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin to LiveMint said: “Digital assets have caught everyone’s attention not only because they have become the best asset class of 2021, but also because other asset classes are unable to meet the aspiration of smart investors who want their money to grow in line with the global growth rate.“.


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