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Smoked salmon sushi at Perfect Place in Town

After the lockdown break and changing hands, the PPT lounge bar is back to living up to its name – Perfect Place in Town. The Salt Lake Waterhole provides a fresh vibe with its all-new jazzy yet minimalist decor; and more comfortable and thoughtful seating arrangements that take into account customer moods and demands. Also, the airy alfresco can be a great place for sunsets. “We have completely renovated the place – from the floor, the ceiling and the lights to the menu. We have dishes from the Wild West to the most eastern corners of the world, ”informs co-owner Rishabh Killa. The young entrepreneur intends to draw make the most of the sprawling property by hosting live events with big-name artists in the coming weeks.We explored the new menu which boasts of interesting Indian fusions while retaining old favorites and staples.

On Chef Victor Ghosh’s recommendation, we sampled the Five Spice Fish, a crispy fried fish option mixed with exotic vegetables and sprinkled with five different spices with a touch of fiery Sichuan oil. Limbu Rubiyan is also a great starter. Perfectly marinated and grilled freshwater prawns stand out for their tangy flavor, portion and presentation. Among the starters, we tasted the grilled Bhetki which stood out for its soft and succulent texture. A flavored mash, sautéed asparagus and white sauce made this dish an undisputed winner. Considering the demand for pizzas among customers, PPT has several options and we tried Pizza Norchina. The soft profile of the Italian delicacy with minced meat in the center and chicken salami on the sides is a meat lover’s delight. Wash it all down with Mango Mini Spice, a sweet and tangy concoction with a punch flavored with a homemade spice blend.

For those who are desi at heart, we loved Jangli Maas with Cilantro Kulcha. Prepared with mathania chili, the special Rajasthani mutton looks intimidating, but is actually surprisingly pleasing to the palate. Pair it with a lachcha paratha or naan for a delicious experience. Choose from the pool of European desserts that are worth your money in both quantity and taste. For chocolate lovers, a light and airy ebony and ivory mousse, a combination of Valrhona dark chocolate and milk chocolate, is an excellent choice after the meal. Cheesecake lovers can opt for a decadent New York cheesecake with blueberry coulis.

Meal for two: Rs 1,200+


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