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Creating a Special Niche for Themselves Across Central America is one Indian restaurant in Costa Rica that promotes Indian culture and lifestyle – “Rasoicr”.

The popularity of Indian cuisine around the world is at an all-time high. Whether it is Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other continent, people have developed a huge taste for the wide variety and tasty Indian dishes and food that fascinates many eaters. Indian cuisines entering different global markets have been the hallmark of the present generation, where every country on the map has some presence of Indian restaurants. With ever-growing needs and potential, many agribusiness companies have also entered the race to locate their Indian cuisine restaurants in countries where there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. We came across one such Indian restaurant which has won a lot of love and recognition throughout Central America and Costa Rica, “Rasoicr”.

Serving mouth-watering and delicious Indian cuisine, Rasoicr has quickly become a number one choice for many customers in Costa Rica. It is a great hub and home for authentic Indian cuisine that provides deliveries via various apps in and around their location. Being located very close to the airport, many families and travelers enjoy their drive to Rasoicr and relive many memorable moments with their family and friends. Serving a wide variety of Indian dishes and other cuisines, Rasoicr’s food will drive your taste buds and your palate crazy. The enormous popularity that Rasoicr has gained in a short time has propelled him into a very successful and famous restaurant. Rasoicr is not only a restaurant, but it also promotes great Indian culture and trends by providing an unforgettable experience to all of its customers. Rasoicr offers its customers an extensive menu of dishes, they specialize in North Indian cuisine and have a special Indian chef who prepares delicious and tasty dishes. They also offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Rasoicr also offers free yoga classes, Bollywood dance events, and cooking classes. With an affordable menu, they offer their customers to celebrate each of their special occasions in their restaurant. They also provide all catering services and orders for all types of occasions.

With increasing demand for Indian food in many different countries across the world, Rasoicr wants to expand and establish more joints and provide people great joy in enjoying good food. Visit their website and don’t forget to follow Rasoicr on Instagram @rasoicr and Facebook @rasoicr


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