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Mill Creek Brewing Co. is teaming up with a local resident and a Brentwood restaurant to bring Indian food to Nolensville for the city’s first Indian Food Fest.

The festival will take place just outside of Mill Creek Brewing Co. on Saturday August 14 from 5 to 9 p.m. and will feature a variety of Indian dishes – curries, naan bread, biryani (rice dishes) and more – from Indian cuisine. Amaravati. in Brentwood.

Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets, with big appetites and a spirit of adventure. There will also be a bounce house for the kids.

Satya Srinivas, one of the organizers of the event, explained that one of the motivations behind the creation of the festival was to bring Indian food to Nolensville. Currently there are no Indian restaurants in the city.

“Usually a lot of people – they don’t know about Indian food,” Srinivas said. “For people who have never tried this food, it will be an amazing experience, like moderately spicy – not too spicy, but moderately spicy.”

He explained that some people in the area who enjoy Indian food have asked him why there are no Indian food restaurants in the area. Srinivas isn’t a restaurateur – he works in data analytics for Bridgestone in Nashville – so he had no more answers than them. But, as an “Indian food lover,” he decided to ask the owners of Mill Creek Brewing Co. if they would be willing to host a day-long festival on the grounds outside the brewery. .

“We were more than happy to have them here,” said Jatin Shah, one of the brewery’s five new owners. “We thought it was a great idea to introduce Indian cuisine into the [town]. “

Now the festival is just over a week away and Srinivas can’t wait to enjoy a beer, a meal and hopefully some great weather with the community.

The festival will also give back to the community. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Nolensville Food Pantry, run by Providence Baptist Church, and members of the Nolensville Police and Fire Department will eat for free.

If all goes well, Srinivas hopes to host the festival again next year, and maybe it will be even bigger. For now, he hopes to bring together around a good meal people who love Indian cuisine and people who have never tasted it.

“Normally you can’t go to a restaurant in Nolensville and find this food,” he said. “So be open-minded and be ready to taste something different. Enjoy the fanfare. Lots of people who are fans of Indian food – they will come and enjoy the connection and enjoy the moment.

Food will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Mill Creek Brewing Co. is located at 2008 Johnson Industrial Blvd. in Nolensville.


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