Mumbai: Resto-bar manager booked as woman says he helped stalker escape


The manager of a resto-bar in Saki Naka has been booked after a 23-year-old software engineer alleged he helped a misbehaving man escape. Saki Naka police have registered an FIR against the man and the manager.

At around 8pm on Wednesday, the woman and her three friends went to Pop Tate in Saki Naka, where one of the three men sitting on the table opposite allegedly kept staring at her and made unpleasant expressions. “After a while, I complained to the hotel manager, seeing that the three got up and were about to leave the restaurant. As I saw that the restaurant management was not doing anything , I walked up to the man, who was making me feel uncomfortable, and confronted him, he said he was looking at me like I was pretty,” the woman said.

According to the police complaint, when the four women started arguing with the man, the manager ushered them out of the restaurant and in the meantime, the three men left the restaurant through the back door.

“Instead of seizing them and handing them over to the police, the manager was busy explaining things to us. When I went back inside, someone from the restaurant staff told me the three had escaped through the back doors,” the woman said.

She then called the police, who took them to beat chowki. “As it was already midnight, I decided to go home and told the police that I will file a complaint the next day,” the complainant said.

The woman then went to the Saki Naka police station on Thursday and filed a complaint against the man and the manager. A case under Articles 509 (speech, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and 34 (acts performed by several people in pursuit of a common intention) of the CPI has been registered, police said.

Deputy Inspector Eknath Bhise said: “We have registered a case against the unknown person who ogled her, while we have also booked the manager of Pop Tate under Section 34.” Police said they have yet to make an arrest as they try to identify the suspect.

Pop Tate’s manager, Sadanand Mule, said: “As the four women were drunk, I was afraid that the men might harm them… so I took the women out. I told them that we will help register an infraction. But she has now registered a complaint against me. I didn’t help the culprits escape, in fact I managed to get the suspect’s phone number and handed them over to the police.

Later, the woman posted a message on her Instagram about the incident. Pop Tate’s social media account responded to him on social media: “Last night you were drunk and we think you forgot about the incident…we think we’ve done more than enough in this situation… If you still have complaints or are still unhappy with our action then an ideal way would be to contact us for further discussion. In the meantime, if you’re done posting and sharing unnecessary hate on social media, we’d love to talk to you in a way that’s more acceptable in a civilized and educated society. Sandya Johari, public relations and marketing manager at Pop Tate’s, said: “The facts she is stating are incorrect. After she brought up the issue, we tried to calm her down. Meanwhile, the men have escaped from the restaurant’s second exit. We did not help them escape. ”


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