New Instagrammable Mutley Plain Indian Restaurant Serves Smokey Platter Specials


The Indian Rose has opened on Mutley Plain and offers a unique and sumptuous experience

A new restaurant has opened on Mutley Plain offering a new twist on Indian cuisine. Indian Rose opened its doors last week – and customers have been wowed by the unique and lavish experience.

Hard work and effort has gone into creating this “Instagrammable” restaurant where detail is key. Indian Rose manager Mihan Rahman said they wanted to create a space where family and friends can enjoy not just the food, but the experience. He said you won’t find anywhere else like Indian Rose in the city as they offer a London type experience.

Inside the restaurant you are surrounded by walls filled with roses creating a huge wall of flowers around the room which includes neon signs. There is a bar where you can order unique drinks and cocktails and of course a large lounge area for guests.

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Bringing something unique to Mutley, the Indian Rose creates dishes that “smoke” using CO2, something that took years of preparation. Mihan, 25, said that since opening last week the venue has been full and customers have been won over to the new business. He also said people were sharing their unique experiences on social media.

Indian Rose owner Tony has owned several businesses across the city and says he has been a chef for over 30 years. He no longer works as a chef but has spent years creating his own authentic dishes for this new restaurant.

Inside Indian Rose on Mutely Plain

Mihan told us: “The boss said he wanted something, and I quote, ‘wow’ and I think we delivered. We wanted to bring something modern and the dishes have a modern twist on traditional flavors .

Indian restaurants in Plymouth, which are established and good businesses, but we’re giving customers that London experience where you get that lavish, Instagrammable vibe. We’re the first Indians to have an Instagram vibe, so a lot of the specials will come out on a plate of smoke. All safe but just gives that wow factor.

He added, “We wanted to create a place where people could come and enjoy their time. Even after they finish their meal, they can relax and unwind with friends. It’s a space where people can come and have a good time. great time with their family and friends..

“I have been a chef myself for over 30 years and the majority of the dishes on the menu are my own creations. These dishes took me years to create. They are authentic and if you try some of the dishes you will know what we speak I don’t believe anywhere else in Plymouth offers this.

“Mutley Plain doesn’t have a restaurant like this. Lots of businesses are opening here and it’s a really good area to open a business. We’ve been here since October last year so it’s been a long trip because it used to be a real estate agency that had been closed for two years – and it was in terrible shape – so a lot of effort and hard work went into that.”

Staff and Chiefs of the Indian Rose's Front of House Together
Staff and Chiefs of the Indian Rose’s Front of House Together

Mihan also said Indian Rose does not use any third party delivery services like Deliveroo or Uber Eats as they want to create more local jobs in the area. In addition, everything is purchased locally to support the economy.

He added: “Everything we buy is local produce. We want to give back to the local economy and the quality is fresher and better. All the drivers are local drivers which helps create local jobs.”

Indian Rose also offers a “blue light discount” for those who work in emergency services because they enjoy their jobs and want to give back. This will offer a 15 percent discount. Moreover, they offer discounts for university students.

Mihan said: “It’s the start and we have bigger and better plans for here but so far there’s been a great response and we just can’t wait for all of Plymouth to try us because once you try us you won don’t leave us.”

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