New luxury Indian restaurant with princess theme heads to the woods


A newly formed hotel group is set to open an Indian restaurant in The Woodlands with an emphasis on luxury and an acclaimed DC chef at the helm.

Kahani Social Group has selected Chef Jaspratap “Jassi” Bindra as Executive Chef and Managing Partner. Bindra just moved to Houston from Washington, where he earned rave reviews and Michelin recognition for his cuisine at the glitzy Punjab Grill. This ultra-luxurious restaurant included a room with 150,000 hand-placed mirrors and lamb trimmed with genuine 24-karat gold leaf.

Now Bindra is directing the opening for Amrina (3 Waterway Square Place, Suite 100), which he calls Kahani Social Group’s “first child” – and that child just happens to be a princess. The word “kahani” translates to “story” and “Amrina” to “princess,” and this is a restaurant with a penchant for storytelling. “We are creating a modern princess who has traveled all over the world,” says Bindra, “and now she’s settling in The Woodlands.”

This means that the menu will be influenced by the travels of this fictional princess, for example merging French techniques with Italian and Japanese ingredients. “But the soul will be Indian,” says Bindra. This being Houston, expect to find steaks on the menu as well. “We want to give people an experience of what Indian cuisine has to offer besides curries and kebabs,” he says. “We will definitely have curries and kebabs, but it will take it to the next level. “

The interior is supposed to resemble a princess palace, including a garden

The 10,000 square restaurant will be divided into areas designed to feel more intimate. A 30-foot indoor-outdoor bar serves both the 80-seat patio and the main dining room. Other areas include a cocktail bar, a 14-seat tapas bar serving Indian street food style dishes and semi-private and private dining. The chef’s table will be located just inside the bustling open kitchen, where Chef Bindra will serve diners and personally guide them through the menu.

Amrina's interiors

Princess-inspired decor will include jewel tones and gold embellishments

Everything about the luxurious 250-seat Amrina will play on this mysterious princess theme, from social media posts with her figure to cocktails served with Hermes and designer handbags. The restaurant plans to feature DJs and live shows on weekends, as if the hypothetical princess is throwing parties at her mansion.

Kahani Social Group is a luxury hotel group of brothers Preet Paul Singh and Surpreet Singh; the hope is to open Amrina this winter or early spring.


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