New York’s Top Chef, Chintan Pandya, Made America Love Indian Food


DEsi cuisine has often delighted palates around the world for its explosion of flavors. And things are no different at Chintan Pandya restaurants in New York.

After eight years of this, he got the opportunity to work for a gourmet restaurant in New York – Junoon.

However, it was his other restaurant ‘Rahi’ that grabbed the headlines. Opened in 2017 with restaurateur Roni Mazumdar, Rahi is known for its authentic cuisine.

It is a hub for locals to experience a unique blend of flavors and spices in the range of dishes. Along with this, Pandya also has two other restaurants under its belt – Adda Indian Canteen and Dhamaka.

The menus for these are curated with one goal in mind, which is to give America a taste of India.

While Rahi focuses on high-end Indian cuisine, at Adda you are treated to what customers describe as “excellent and appetizing” biryani. If you are a fan of Indian street food or rustic cuisine, it is in Dhamaka that you will find some delicacies.

Feast on a chicken kofta with a spicy cilantro chutney or leave a cobblestone vada works its magic on you. What makes the menu stand out is that Pandya even added some of her favorite dishes which recalled her life in Mumbai. These include started bhaja and fried pomfret among others.

For Pandya however, the secret behind these dishes is simplicity. “My food philosophy is to keep it as simple and as nostalgic as possible,” he told MoneyControl. “Food in Dhamaka transports people to a place in India while still being in America.”

Here’s a look at how Chintan Pandya encouraged America for desi cuisine.

Meet Chintan Pandya: ‘Unapologetic Indian’ and the best chef in New York State by Nivedita Jayaram Pawar, Posted June 19, 2022.

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