Nigerian tries Indian cuisine for the first time; Watch her epic reaction


What makes Indian cuisine so popular around the world? Whether for simplicity, unique flavors or nutritional value, Indian restaurants have made their mark around the world. We even saw judges of international cooking competitions who have traveled extensively being blown away by a plate of humble desi dishes. Their reaction is such a pleasure to watch, isn’t it? Well here’s another priceless reaction to you – from a man tasting Vindaloo Lamb, a Goan dish, for the first time in his life after his wife took him to an Indian restaurant.

The video begins with a pair of digital content creators – Taccara Rae and Lamboginny – arriving at the restaurant for what they call an “Indian food test.” They are curious as to whether the dish they will order will be “a success or a failure”.

When the waiter arrives with the plate of Vindaloo lamb, Lamboginny bluntly tells him that he won’t pay for the food if it doesn’t taste “sweet”. The waiter tells him it will taste spicy. Lamboginny takes the first bite and stops as the flavors explode in his mouth. Realizing it’s spicier, he turns his cap over and hands his shoulder bag to his wife so he can enjoy the food. He even comes close to a standing fan so he doesn’t sweat while eating the vindaloo.

After a while, he asks the waiter for more rice to mop up the sauce. He even orders two take-out plates. Taccara filmed the entire video and can be heard laughing at her husband’s reaction to the food.

Towards the end of the video, Lamboginny declares “India made me feel good”. The video, posted on Instagram almost two weeks ago, is captioned: “My husband finally tries Indian cuisine”.

Watch the video here:

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The video has gone viral, garnering over 100,000 views and counting! Instagram users in India seem to particularly enjoy the video and also get emotional about the desi food.

One of them commented: “Really glad you liked it. But I can assure you that if you visit India for more Indian food you will like it even more. It would be a pleasure to be your hosts one day! ”

Another wrote: “Indian food is excellent with such variety that you cannot imagine. With every kilometer, the taste changes. Home cooking, street food, restaurant, food courts, food carts, cloud kitchens, star hotels – there are endless options and immense taste.

Then there were others who reacted to Lamboginny’s invaluable reaction.

“From the moment that cap flipped over, I knew,” wrote one user, and added face emojis with tears of joy. A few others also suggested trying dishes like Chicken 65 and Butter Chicken Masala.

Such fun and relevant videos only make a dull day brighter. And if you browse social media, you’ll find it’s a treasure trove of those viral videos.

One relatable video that went viral was of Americans trying out Hajmola for the first time. He followed a range of reactions – from downright funny to astonishment to shock! While many compared the popular Indian digestive pill to delicious Mexican candy, others frowned at the flavor. Some even thought it smelled like a whole taco shop. To read and watch the reactions, click on this link.

In May, a video of a blogger’s funny reactions to a 59-second clip of a well-organized refrigerator garnered more than 80,000 views. The blogger is seen watching a video of the fridge being set up, and continues to make completely relevant and hilarious comments. Read more about it here.

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