NOTICE: We tried the Basmati Indian Restaurant in Beaconsfield


The chef from Basmati was recently named ‘Chef of the Year’ at the Bangladesh Caterers Association UK awards.

The award was presented by Sir Keir Starmer to the chef of the InterContinental London O2 hotel.

It happened after the judges visited restaurants across the country without telling the owners the reasons for their reservations.

The owner of Basmati, Cllr Mohammad Khaled, was delighted to learn that his chef has won the honor following the surprise visit.

He said: “It was a huge achievement. When we were rewarded we were all very happy.

“Of all the chefs out there, ours received the Senior Guest Sir Kir Starmer award.

“The chef was really happy, I did my best to push him and it was a great success.”

The Indian recently celebrated its 17th birthday with the restaurant looking brand new on the inside with its recent renovation earlier this year.

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The restaurant is hosting a New Year’s Eve party (see page 19) with live music and a menu available.

Cllr Mohammad is a member of a number of Beaconsfield communities acknowledging the host of the local competition that exists in the area.

He continued: “The competition is tough in Beaconsfield and in the old town there are 29 food and beverage establishments with three Indian restaurants including ourselves.

“There is a lot of competition, but I’m just trying to improve and improve myself and my team.”

The Bucks Free Press were allowed in to try the chef’s award-winning cuisine and experience the new renovation.

The culinary experience

Poppadoms and a range of dips started the night as we pondered what to have on the menu which had a great selection.

We opted for rice with mushrooms, a naan peshwari and an onion bhaji to accompany a selection of curries from the chef’s specialties.

First, we tried “Uttaranchal Ki Nazakat” and “Hariali Nazakat”, two dishes that were served to the judges for the “Chef of the Year” award.

“Uttaranchal Ki Nazakat” was a creamy dish served with a spicy yogurt-based sauce.

It was incredibly tasty and we made sure there was none left while we wiped out the bowl.

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“Hariali Nazakat” is a traditional dish from North India cooked in a coriander-based sauce.

It was once again really good and it was clear to see why these two dishes landed the chef’s award.

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We were also able to try the “Kata Massala” and the “Hyderabdi”, once again the chef’s specialties.

The ‘Kata Massala’ was cooked with garlic, ginger, cilantro, curry leaves and honey.

Baked with honey, it left a sweet note on what was a well-prepared dish.

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We ordered the ‘Hyderabdi’ with lamb as it was also served with cooked eggplant and mushrooms.

The lamb was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth with every bite.

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Overall it would be hard to fault any of the dishes served to us as we finished every plate in front of us.

The restaurant looked great on the inside with its new renovation and the staff were attentive and helpful in choosing the dishes to order.

All staff wore masks with owner Cllr Mohammad stressing that Basmati will remain a safe space where locals can enjoy a meal – which we can tell will taste great.


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