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MONCTON – Moncton’s north end is home to its newest supplier of spicy and flavorful northern Indian cuisine.

The opening of Indian on October 29 marks the culmination of several months of planning by restaurateurs Charanjit Singh and Gulshan Kumar to bring more options for authentic Indian cuisine to Hub City.

Indish, conceived as an idea in March 2021, now serves Amritsari and Punjabi cuisine in three spice levels to patrons of all tastes at 112 Morton Avenue.

Kumar’s wife Rupinder Kaur, he and Singh chose a perch in the Sunnybrae neighborhood to break the pattern of good eating that is limited to downtown Moncton.

When Indish opened its doors to guests on October 29, spokeswoman Anuradha Anuradha said they were both nervous, excited and anxious for the outcome – and the outcome was positive.

Kaur said Kumar and Singh opened Indish on Morton Avenue, with India King’s many diners lamenting the lack of dining options outside of downtown.

Anuradha said customers flocked to Indish from the moment it opened – and business has been buzzing ever since.

“We’re getting a really good response for this restaurant,” said Kaur, who showed me a collection of photos of happy customers from day one on his phone.

Anuradha said Kumar and Singh plan to open Indish at their own pace, instead of starting in a hurry, without everything they need.

“We wanted to have a good opening and we were like, ‘Let’s go with the flow and when it all has happened, and finally things are together, we will open,’” she said.

Supply chains

While it was not difficult to promote Indish, the slow movement of the supply chain induced by the pandemic made it difficult to obtain everything from ingredients to wall decorations that came directly from India.

“The deliveries were a big challenge for us. If you could normally expect a delivery a month before the pandemic, those deliveries are now showing up in two to two and a half months, ”Kaur said.

Due to its complex menu, Indish caters to a sophisticated network of suppliers. These include Saputo, which supplies cheese and dairy products, Sisco, which supplies chicken and an assortment of seafood from the Moncton Fish Market. The variety of spices purchased by Indians at Dieppe’s Spice Shop is the key to its signature spicy Indian cuisine.

“In Atlantic Canada our spices are not very familiar, so we get a lot of them shipped from elsewhere, and some we get from here, very good sellers,” Kaur said.

This particular part of the supply chain is crucial for Indish, noted Anuradha.

“The spices we use are very diverse and rich in taste, so putting in an ingredient could completely change the taste of the food,” Kaur said.

“We have to be really special when we experiment with spices.”

Indish opened with customers from all walks of life in mind – and their level of tolerance to spices. The restaurant menu includes dishes in three levels of spiciness.

“Some people can’t have a lot of spices and others can, so we have three types of food that are the same: light, moderate and spicy,” Kaur said.

Late night treats

Indish, open until midnight and located between Domino’s Pizza and Subway and the home of what will soon be a new Mezza Cuisine Libanaise franchise, is an offer to provide an alternative to what is already available in the late-night restaurant market. evening – which is saturated with fast food offerings.

“Until we opened, there was no option for Indian food after 10 am,” Anuradha said.

“Sometimes people finish work in places like Walmart at 10pm and they want food, but don’t want a subway or a burger – they want a full meal. And they don’t want to come home to cook – they always want an easy option.

Anuradha said Indian’s hours of operation will be the same as neighboring Domino’s Pizza and Subway. These are also intended to accommodate the Indian community of Moncton since many Indian celebrations take place late at night.

“Nightlife is quite popular in India. In the case of India King, many people approached us and said, “You close at 10 am and it’s too early”. So with the people calling to book birthdays and birthday parties, this is going to help us. Said Anuradha.

The owners were originally involved in opening India King, but have since separated from their partner in that business.

The Indian opening when it was the right time, Kaur said, adding that the restaurant was full by November 4, the first day of the Indian Diwali festival.

In addition to sit-down dining, Indish also aims to provide catering services for events in Moncton, leveraging Kumar and Singh’s experience to accommodate up to 500 people at a time at events like tournaments. of cricket, when they are in charge of India King.

Kaur told Huddle that part of that plan was to cook live with a clay oven to make fresh naan bread on the spot.

“We haven’t seen live cooking in the Atlantic, so we can’t wait to provide it,” added Anuradha.

Experienced owners

Kumar and Singh, restaurateurs with two decades of industry experience in the Indian and Canadian markets, told Huddle their goal is to make people happy with their food.

Anuradha said the partners came to New Brunswick and built India King and Indish despite language barriers that could easily hold back an aspiring business owner, adding, “It takes a lot of courage to imagine this thing in mind, and these two I did it once, and I did it again, moving to a new location.

In addition to their owner roles, Singh works as a tandoor (clay oven) chef and Kumar helps in the kitchen, working alongside Indian’s 15 staff.

The restaurant’s name, an Indian and English coat rack, is a nod to the place finding its place by offering a fusion of traditional Canadian and Indian Amritsari cuisine.

“We wanted to bring more variety to Moncton and satisfy the tastes of Indians and Canadians,” said Kaur.

“That’s how we came up with the name. We came up with a few other names, but we wanted to reflect the philosophy we have here, which is why we thought about it. “

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