Paul Rudd tries Indian food, Ariana Grande on ‘Donda’


Paul Rudd has Biryani at Indian Restaurant in UK; Internet users have “more reasons to love it”

Indian cuisine is one of the most beloved cuisines in the world, and here is proof of it. Very recently, Hollywood actor Paul Rudd expressed his love for the specialties of Indian cuisine. The Ant-Man actor recently tried Biryani at an Indian restaurant in the UK. The owner and founder of the restaurant shared her selfie with the actor on her social media account, and internet users have responded to the photo. Read more.

Ariana Grande clarifies appearance on Kanye West’s latest album “Donda”

Kanye West’s highly anticipated album Donda was released on August 29 and featured some of the biggest names in the business. There were rumors that Ariana Grande made an appearance on West’s Donda track. Fans noticed backing vocals in the album’s title track that remarkably resembled the singer from God Is A Woman. The singer responded to the rumors and cleared up the tune of her supposed appearance on Donda. Read more.

Mission: Impossible 7’s Studio sues insurance company for failing to cover $ 100 million claim

The Mission: Impossible 7 Paramount studio has filed a lawsuit against their insurance company for refusing to cover the vast majority of its losses due to closures linked to the pandemic. Production of the film was delayed seven times between February 2020 and June 2021, including at least six due to the pandemic. The film’s insurer said it would only cover $ 1 million of the $ 100 million claimed. Read more.

Dwayne Johnson invites doppelgänger Eric Fields for a drink to learn about his “The Rock” stories

Fans had gone crazy for Dwayne Johnson’s look on the web. A photo of an Alabama law enforcement officer named Eric Fields has gone viral on the web because of his incredible resemblance to the actor. Fields first caught the internet’s attention when the police department shared his photo on their Facebook page. Fans had continually tagged Johnson in their post to get his attention. Looks like fans’ efforts have proven to be fruitful as the Fast & Furious star has now reacted to the photo of her lookalike. Read more.

“Vampire Academy” is like “Modern day Bridgerton with vampires,” says producer Julie Plec

American television producer Julie Plec is slated to be the showrunner for the upcoming Vampire Academy, based on Richelle Mead’s book series. The Peacock Drama series will feature Sisi Stringer, Daniela Nieves among 10 Members of Cats, whose names were recently released. The series is based on the friendship of two young women, which evolves as they prepare to complete their education before entering the royal vampire society. News of Plec’s embarkation came earlier in May when it was announced that she would collaborate with Marguerite MacIntyre on the drama Peacock. Plec recently opened up about his love for the Vampire Academy, saying the show is like “Modern-day Bridgerton with Vampires.” Read more.

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