Priyanka Chopra reveals her favorite Indian cuisine; Can you guess


Priyanka Chopra Jonas has taken the world by storm! From successful Bollywood actress to Hollywood sensation, Priyanka Chopra has left no stone unturned. Recently, she landed a role in the sequel to the hit movie franchise “Matrix” and was on the film’s press tour. Apart from her film career, Priyanka Chopra opened her first restaurant in New York – ‘Sona’. His love for food is reflected in this passionate project.

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Speaking of food, Chopra recently decided to take a break from her busy schedule to connect with her fan by doing an “Ask Me Anything”. She answers some interesting questions about life, her routine and her eating habits. With over 71.5 million Instagram followers, Priyanka loves to give insight into her everyday life.

She reveals her eating habits.

In “Ask Me Anything,” one of the first questions asked was about food: “Do you prefer room service or dining out? Priyanka quickly responded, “Definitely and any day, room service. I go out to dinner, but it’s such a production to go out sometimes. I love take out, room service, watch a movie, usually comfort food. I like to orient myself towards Asian food. So if there is Thai on the menu, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, it’s my world of safe places. “

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The next question was about his favorite drunk food was? And his response was “anything with bread. Burgers, pizza, dosa, rotis, omelet with toast, taco bell, chick-fil-a …”

Then a fan asked him the most obvious question: to choose between salty and sweet and to that his answer was “salty all day”. She also added that “I’m not a dessert girl.” She concluded the food section of her AMA with the long-awaited question. “What’s her favorite food?” To our surprise, just like 90% of Indians, Priyanka also loves biryani. “My favorite food is anything Asian except biryani, it feels right at home.” No matter where you are, Biryani sings to the hearts of all Indian foodies!


Biryani is a popular dish among Indians!

If you and Priyanka Chopra share similar food preferences, let us know in the comments section below!


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