Rang De Basanti Dhaba has a newly launched restaurant that combines simplicity and comfort


Meat from Champaran, Handi Se

If you haven’t been to Rang de Basanti Dhaba’s Salt Lake Outlet recently, you should visit soon for a glimpse of their revamped decor and equally zesty menu. Taking inspiration from the offerings and aesthetics of the ubiquitous dhabas on the highway, Abhimanyu Maheshwari, founder and CEO of the Zing restaurant chain, fused this restaurant with the comforts of a family restaurant. We were at the outlet on a recent afternoon to sample some of their delicacies inspired by the ravine delights of North Delhi.

Pede Wali Lassi

The 115-seat restaurant stands out from its other branches thanks to the expansive outdoor terrace with drive-in food service alongside the usual air-conditioned facilities inside. We were hit with some serious nostalgic moments as we spotted an STD booth in one of the corners displaying some striking hand-painted graffiti.

Their open kitchen filled our senses with aromatic whiffs of exotic Indian spices. We were impressed as we perused the extensive menu which features a plethora of artisan delights true to its culinary roots.

Butter Chicken Dillika

“Each of our dishes is inspired by a traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation. However, in order not to make it as conventional as others, we gave them a local twist with new ingredients. Our Absolutely Butter Chicken for example is a spin-off of the famous Delhi Aslam ka Butter Chicken where we use a special yellow chilli powder. We have an Dates and Kaalli Mirch Tikka where we stuff the paneer with a date chutney cooked with black pepper, then marinate it with Tikka seasoning before roasting it,” shares chef Ajay Rana.

We chose the terracotta pot Sheep Champaran Handi which gave off a smoky, garlicky flavor and came with a matching bread basket of Rumali Roti, Hari Mirch Naan and Naan with butter. Their exclusivity Goli Soda which comes in glass bottles with a marble that needs to be popped helped us wash down the spices.

Roof-Afza Tutti Frutti

Wrap things up on a desi note with their Dilli Wali Kulfi Where Rooh-Afza Tutti Frutti ice cream to travel back in time to the lazy summer afternoons of our childhood.

Pocket pinch: Rs. 600 for two


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