Reports say Sameer Wankhede ‘illegally’ owns bar in Vashi and was licensed as a miner


Reports emerged on Thursday that Narcotics Control Bureau zone manager Sameer Wankhede had a bar and restaurant license in his name in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. A similar allegation was brought against Wankhede by Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Friday.

According to HT’s report, Malik said that he and his family engaged in several irregularities, not just forging a caste certificate as “Muslim”.


Bar open since 1997

While the Bombay High Court will issue an order on November 22 on the plea filed by Sameer Wankhede’s father seeking an injunction against Minister Nawab Malik, the minister gave a press conference on Friday and released documents that showed that there was a bar and restaurant registered in the name of Sameer Wankhede, operating since 1997.

Malik claimed that Sameer Wankhede’s father, Dnyandev Wankhede, who worked in the excise department, obtained the license on behalf of Sameer Wankhede in 1997. “In 1997, Sameer Wankhede was not even an adult. He was 17 and obtaining a bar license at the time was illegal,” the minister said.

Nawab Malika shared a photo of the Sadguru restaurant bar on Twitter with the caption: “This is a counterfeit center of Sameer Dawood Wankhede.”

“Nothing illegal about it”

However, Wankhede told The Times of India that the license has been in his name since he joined the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). The legal rights to this license have been transferred to Sameer’s father.

“There is nothing illegal about this. I have been referring to these bars and restaurants in my annual real estate since 2006 when I joined the service. I also mentioned this license in the asset account. I have mentioned all the income from this industry in the tax return documents, ”Wankhede said.

nawab-malik ncp

“Three allegations for which he will lose his job”

There are three allegations against Wankhede where he will lose his job, Nawab Malik said. “The first allegation is extortion in the case of Aryan Khan. The second is forging a caste certificate for a government post and the third is running a bar and withholding information.” the minister said, adding that the bar’s license is renewed every year and Wankhede has shown the revenue to the government in the form of rent while a bar, under his name, is operating at full capacity.

Nawab Malik said his party would pursue the case and expose the “illegal” activities carried out by the Wankhede family. In a tweet, Nawab Malik also said he will be visiting Dubai.

“I will be back in India on November 24, 2021. I ask all government agencies to keep an eye on me and track my movements,” the minister tweeted.

Earlier, Nawab Malik claimed that Wankhede went to Dubai and extorted money, which Wankhede denied and said he had never been to Dubai. It is not yet clear whether Nawab Malik’s Twitter announcement has anything to do with Sameer Wankhede.

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