Restaurant caught lying in online review after complaining about ‘terrible’ vindaloo – which wasn’t on menu


A restaurant owner has apparently discovered a restaurant that lied in an online review about a “terrible” vindaloo – when there wasn’t even a vindaloo on the menu.

The restaurant, which visited Shimla Peppers near Ablewell Street in Walsall in October last year, said it had one of the ‘worst curries we’ve had’ in its Tripadvisor review. Shimla Peppers has a travel website rating of 4.5 – with over 100 reviews.

But the owner of Shimla Peppers said he was “confused” by the review – because the dish the customer mentioned was not the one he was selling.

A recent reviewer described the Black Country Restaurant as a “hidden gem” and that the food was “incredibly high quality”. However, Andy from Walsall gave Shimla Peppers a one star rating – with his review headlined “nice atmosphere but shameful portions”.

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Its full review read: “Pretty restaurant but terrible service, tiny portions. I don’t understand what vindaloo, Paratha, well done garlic naan means.

“Honestly the worst curries we’ve had in Walsall! If you’ve eaten elsewhere, you might like it! The chicken pieces are literally the size of my fingertip! »

But the owner of Shimla Peppers, named Ran on Tripadvisor, decided to respond to the negative review – asking why they hadn’t spoken to the restaurant manager during their visit. Ran also said he was “deeply disturbed, disappointed and confused” by their experience.

Ran’s response said, “I am deeply disturbed, disappointed and confused by your experience and your statements. I am however very happy that you at least enjoyed the civil atmosphere.

“You say my staff didn’t understand the terms, vindaloo, Paratha’s or well done naan. Can I say that vindaloo is not on our menu.

“I’m a proud Punjabi Sikh by birth, so when it comes to Paratha naans and well cooked, I was brought up on this food. Ours are excellent and my staff are very knowledgeable about the menu.

“Our food is portion controlled so I’m disappointed they didn’t meet your requirements. a bite We take the utmost care of the service and the food.

“Clearly we have failed you! I am doing my best to fully investigate your complaints. My manager has asked you to provide your group’s name, time and booking number. We have full CCTV and this will show your presence and we can determine your order.

“For my part, if my findings indicate that elements of your experience are justified, I will refund your food bill in full. I don’t understand why you didn’t speak to the restaurant manager. He would have solved your problem with ease and immediately .. Obviously you did not!

“Finally, please note that we have been serving Walsall for 42 years, same location, same owner. We are very proud of our record and take our job seriously.

“I recognize that sometimes things can go wrong. Please contact me urgently so that I can listen to your complaint, but more importantly learn from it. I am ready to reimburse you and remain interested in your future visit. Ran.”

Shimla Peppers has over 120 reviews on Tripadvisor – most of which are rated “excellent”. In January, a reviewer said: “Booked this last minute for New Years Eve, was apprehensive as one review mentioned small portions, but so glad we came! Portions were just right for me , can’t believe I almost did Food was amazing quality, we were very impressed.

“We sat outside on the patio on New Years Eve and I took off my coat, I was so hot under the radiators. The only downside was that we could hear a dog constantly barking from a neighboring apartment. was a bit annoying but we overlooked it Still giving 5 stars as it has nothing to do with the restaurant.

“Beautiful venue, caring staff, amazing food and atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone and we will definitely be back. Thank you for a great night!”

Rebecca said: “I would go more if I was more local. Very well thought out and put together. I imagine it takes a lot of work to maintain it. It’s like being on a mini vacation. I have can’t wait to go back.

“Sitting outside on the balcony under the excellent heaters in beautiful colored lights. I ordered the seafood chilli and asked for it to be hot madras which it was and it was very tasty. Sometimes the mixed seafood dishes aren’t so good but I took the risk and ordered and it was excellent all cooked to perfection and a good selection of seafood.

“The layout of the restaurant is so unusual, different rooms and different levels and different decorated rooms. My choice every time is to sit outside.

“I hope this restaurant will continue for many more years as it is. No restaurant I know of likes it in the Midlands, we need more places like this instead of the standard unimaginative places that we often see. Hope to be back soon.”

And another reviewer added: “Walsall is my hometown but for about 15 years I’ve lived elsewhere, you come back to Walsall and there really isn’t anywhere a bit different to eat but here. Two friends from the Staffordshire joined me and my father, they were so impressed that they asked to return to Shimla instead of going to them.

“The service from the two ladies working our table was outstanding, they were warm, polite and friendly. The food was fantastic – I had an excellent Bhahji which was so light it was more like tempura. Our companions had a cod starter they were counting was the best indian starter they have ever had.

“The Jalfrezi I ordered was perfect with a beautifully cooked pilaf and a soft and crispy garlic cilantro naan. I ordered a second which arrived well in time to accompany our meal.

“Well done, a real gem in Walsall that I will definitely be returning to…as I’m back home for the week, probably next Friday!”

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