Restaurant owner bluntly responds to scathing review of ‘undecided’ restaurant on Tripadvisor


The owner of restaurant Jambavan, in Warwick, has hit back at a Tripadvisor reviewer who complained that his dish first lacked spice and then was too hot to eat after being taken back.

Jambavan in Warwick is one of the highest rated restaurants in town on Tripadvisor

A restaurant owner has hit back at a restaurant that complained on Tripadvisor that its food lacked spices and was then too hot by saying he was “undecided”.

Jambavan, in Warwick, is one of the city’s top-rated restaurants on Tripadvisor and regularly receives rave reviews from diners.

But a recent reviewer left a scathing review of the quality of food and service, CoventryLive reported.

Paul, who visited in September last year, left a one-star rating saying the food lacked flavor and spice, was ‘modest at best’ and was ‘confronted’ by management.

Its TripAdvisor review, titled ‘Poor Food, Worse Service’, said: “I visited this restaurant while on a 3 day break in Warwick.

A reviewer called Paul said the food was first lacking in spice and then too hot


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“After each having had a starter, which was modest at best, came the main (a Rogan Josh for me and a Biriani for my girlfriend). These are our usual main courses whenever we have an Indian in England.

“The main course simply lacked any trace of spice.”

He continued: “After asking for the Rogan Josh to be given a little kick as he had none at all, he was then dragged back into the kitchen and brought back to me unpleasantly (sic) hot.

“Move on at the end of the evening, we were confronted with who I assume was the manager who defended the chef by saying everyone has the day off.

The restaurant owner did not hesitate to respond to the critic


travel consultant)

“We weren’t offered any deduction from the bill even though I left the Rogan Josh as it was inedible. He didn’t ask if we enjoyed our meal as it was pretty obvious we didn’t. .

“We paid the bill and left never to return.”

And Jambavan’s owner Mashuk replied that he was happy the reviewer was only in Warwick for a short break.

A restaurateur hit back at an ‘undecided’ dinner party


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He said: “I’m glad you’re here for a 3 day break, Paul, because I really can’t do with customers who like to have deductions on their bill. You never happen to have me encounter.

“We pride ourselves on the authentic food we serve, perhaps when ordering you should have specified your personal taste and another dish more suited to your palate would have been suggested.

“I have been informed that your dish has been replaced. You want it to be sweet! You want it hot! You want a deduction! You want a gift! Do you know exactly what you want? Bye. »

Jambavan has many reviews on Tripadvisor, one saying they have dined there “for many a great Indian meal over the years”.

Another said: ‘This has been a great Indian meal for many years, but a great mix of South Indian options with perfectly cooked bread and rice is always a good sign.’

A diner who visited the restaurant in December last year wrote: ‘We had a New Years meal at Jambavan and it was the best Indian we have ever had, and we have tried many in the area !

“The food is authentic and the portions perfect. The menu is a good mix of traditional and unique. The atmosphere is pleasant, friendly and relaxing. We will be back!”

Jambavan has a four and a half star rating on Tripadvisor, with 302 independent reviews of which 246 are excellent.

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