Salt Bae’s Nusr-et restaurant sparks golden food craze as Indian restaurant copies with giant golden poppadom


Nusr-et de SALT BAE’s restaurant has sparked a food craze for gold – with one restaurant now creating a giant golden poppadom to rival its £ 630 gold-sprinkled steak.

Shad Indian, a local restaurant near London Bridge, is home to the 24-carat poppadom, with a hefty price tag of £ 100.


24-karat poppadom is loved by Shad Indian dinersCredit: Mercury

The 10-inch Gold Coated Spicy Bread is one of the restaurant’s most popular items and is the next restaurant to jump on the Salt Bae-inspired golden food craze.

The owner, Mohammed Kodrul Islam, described it as “an incredible touch to Indian cuisine“.

The large circular golden piece of thin and spicy bread is made from ground lentils and fried in oil and topped with gold, although the owner said he could not reveal his recipe, stating “C ‘ is top secret “.

The golden food trend stems from viral celebrity Salt Bae Рreal name Nusret G̦k̤e Рwho first broke the internet with his flaming dusting of salt.

Nusret recently opened his 15th restaurant, where wealthy diners could catch him throwing seasoning on his gold-coated steaks at £ 630.

Gökçe’s astonishing prices – which also include a £ 100 burger – have come under heavy criticism on social media and have sparked competition with UK restaurants offering golden dishes for £ 500 less.

One diner was stunned by his £ 37,000 bill following his experience at Knightsbridge Restaurant in Salt Bae, sharing his huge receipt on Reddit, with users leaving unimpressed comments.

Mohammed claims his 24-karat poppadom “tastes very expensive and always impresses our customers,” but Twitter users weren’t impressed.

One Twitter user said: “Every day Twitter tells me I should open an Indian restaurant and just spray paint food gold for £ £ £.” while another tweeted “This Salt Bae Culture Must Burn”.

Curry lovers can find the £ 100 eatery and golden poppadom on Tooley Street, London.

Nusret Gökçe and his 24-carat golden steak at £ 630


Nusret Gökçe and his 24-carat golden steak at £ 630Credit: see legend

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