Sameer Wankhede illegally runs liquor bar in Navi Mumbai: Nawab Malik


Mumbai: Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Friday fired off Narcotics Control Bureau Area Director Sameer Wankhede for allegedly running a liquor bar in Navi Mumbai which violates DoPT rules.

The Nationalist Congress Party’s national spokesperson told the media that Dnyandev Wankhede, who worked in the State Excise Department, managed to get a clearance room license issued in favor of his son, Sameer Wankhede – when the latter was a minor, in 1997-1998.

“According to the laws, minors cannot be issued such liquor bar licenses because Sameer Wankhede was only around 17 years and 10 months old then. This is a big fraud perpetrated by his father. The place , Sadguru Restro Bar is still running in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) The license has been continually renewed without fail and is currently valid until 2022,” Malik said.

Moreover, he argued that for many years Sameer Wankhede would have removed this fact from the Center in the mandatory declaration of annual assets of all duty officers until around 2017.

At that time, he was presented as a “rented property” bequeathed, jointly with his father Dnyandev, where a “hotel” is being run whose annual rental income is Rs 240,000 for the huge premises of 1 600 square feet, claimed to be worth only Rs 1 crore, the NCP chief pointed out.

“Wankhede has clearly flouted the central service rules which prohibit any agent from running businesses. I file complaints with DoPT, Vigilance Commission and IT department as it is under IRS executive. He has no right to continue serving,” Malik said.

The Wankhedes defended themselves by saying they informed the government that the property was wanted by Dnyandev’s late wife and that there was no wrongdoing about it.

The NCP strongman urged the Center and the Maharashtra Bharatiya Janata Party to ‘stop protecting’ Wankhede who has committed serious offenses and who ‘will permanently lose his job and go to jail’.

Malik warned that Wankhede would face the consequences of his extortion offer during the October 2 “fraudulent” raid of the Cordelia cruise ship, producing fake caste certificates to gain admission to university and then to pocket the job of the IRS depriving a deserving Dalit candidate, and running a liquor bar flouting central government service rules.



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