Tesla has plans for a Supercharger station with a 24-hour restaurant and drive-in movie theater in Hollywood

  • Tesla reportedly submitted plans with the city of Los Angeles for a drive-in restaurant and cinema.
  • In 2018, Elon Musk said he wanted to create a Supercharger station with a restaurant and a drive-in.

Tesla plans to build a Supercharger station with a 24-hour restaurant and a drive-in theater in Los Angeles, according to a Bloomberg report.

The electric car maker filed the plans with the city of Los Angeles on May 19, according to the publication. Tesla plans to build the luxury supercharger station at 7001 West Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, according to Bloomberg. Electrek was the first to report on the plans, quoting a tweet with a two-story layout of the restaurant in the 9,300 square foot space.

The venue will have 28 Supercharger booths and two cinema screens that can seat more than 200 people, Bloomberg reported. Customers will be able to view both screens either from their car or from a rooftop seating area, according to the site’s project description referenced by Bloomberg. Customers will also be able to order and have food delivered directly to their car, according to the plans.

The project description for the site says it will show movies that will take about the same time as it takes to charge a Tesla – about 30 minutes.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment on its plans for the site. Insider was unable to confirm site plans with the city. Plans must first be approved by the city.

The project details did not include any information on pricing, menu options, or when the venue would open to customers. The address is located in the heart of downtown Hollywood and is currently home to a pizza chain called Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, which still seems to be accepting orders.

Photo of South Santa Monica Boulevard with businesses and cars in Beverly Hills Los Angeles California USA illuminated at dusk blue hour.Getty

News of Tesla’s restaurant and drive-in comes nearly four years after Tesla CEO Elon Musk first tweeted about building an “old-school drive-in, roller-skating, and rocking restaurant” in Los Angeles. In 2021, Tesla filed an application with the United States Trademark Office to use its brand assets in restaurant services.

Musk’s plans to turn electric vehicle charging stations into entertainment and dining destinations reflect a broader trend in the industry. In February, Insider reported that top design firms were developing concepts for charging stations ranging from gyms and cafes to parks and study spaces.

Charging infrastructure is a major barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles. Insider’s Dominick Reuter previously reported that one in five EV owners switched back to gas-powered cars because charging was too much of a “hassle”.

Last summer, CNBC reporter Brian Sullivan and Axios editor Dan Primack explained many of the issues EV drivers can face on the road – from “panicked” searches for chargers open to waiting 40 minutes in triple digit heat for a car to recharge. The two concluded that the best way to help drivers switch to electric cars would be to turn charging stations into destinations.

“Give people a place to stop, shop,” Sullivan said. “Give them something to do.”

By reinventing charging stations instead of duplicating gas stations, Tesla and other electric car makers could combat reluctance to embrace electric vehicles. To date, several Tesla charging stations already include lounges with cafes, vending machines and Tesla merchandise.


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