Thailand YouTuber tries South Indian cuisine at restaurant. His reaction is now a viral video


Mark Wiens tried authentic South Indian cuisine at a restaurant in Bangkok in a video that has gone viral online.

YouTuber Mark Wiens tried South Indian cuisine at a restaurant in Bangkok in a viral video.

If someone were to make a list of the best cuisines in the world, Indian cuisine would definitely be among the top spots, don’t you think? From a plethora of different food items to a myriad of tastes and colors, Indian cuisine is a guaranteed feast. Now, in a video, a Thailand-based YouTuber can be seen trying a South Indian thali. Her reaction after trying the dishes has now gone viral and is just too good to miss.

The now-viral video was posted on Instagram by food blogger Mark Wiens. In the short clip, he can be seen trying 18 different South Indian dishes at Sugam restaurant in Bangkok. Mark tried a variety of different dishes, such as mango pickle, avial, rasam, sambhar, and podi rice, among others, which were laid on a banana leaf.

He seemed to thoroughly enjoy all the dishes and even ate the delicious food with his hands.

Watch the viral video here:

After being shared online, the video garnered over 7,000 views. Netizens simply adored Mark’s reaction and called the food amazing.

“Sounds great,” wrote one user.

Another user commented, “That’s how it goes! On a piece of banana leaf and laid out dishes. Authentic.”

See comments here:

“It really is a beautiful food culture,” Mark said.

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