The Indian Home Diner in Paddington will remain closed past midnight as councilors walk away from closure


“I started getting hated by my various lovely friends who were like, ‘How could you do this to this lovely Indian restaurant? ‘” Wynne said. “My mum called me from Melbourne and said, ‘How can you do this to this small business?'”

Wynne presented a minute to the town hall noting the public’s opposition to the decision and the fact that the restaurant had to seek a review – which would take eight to 10 weeks to assess from the date of filing.

But councilors were adamant their hands were tied because of planning reforms a few years ago that stripped elected officials of the power to assess development demands.

“I don’t think it’s fair for council staff or councilors to bear the brunt of this. [outrage] when due process was followed,” Wynne said. “We fully understand the issues of town planning and advice; the general public does not. They don’t understand the difference between advice and advisors, they think we are one.

Residents First councilor Mark Silcocks backed the mayor’s minute but said staff had done the right thing by rejecting the DA.

“We just have to be careful,” he said. “We risk being influenced by populism. We have lots of residents who live near lots of businesses who would love to have a 3am DA.


Carmichael wanted the council to be more outspoken in its support for the restaurant and said Chowdury’s business was “at stake”.

If the restaurant could not trade after midnight, hungry revelers would be forced to seek food at the gas station across the road in the city of Sydney, he said.

“It really saddened me, some of the decline that has happened in Oxford Street,” Carmichael said, citing the closure of Arq nightclub and another kebab shop, Olympic Yeeros.

“So when I see this petition, I have a lot of sympathy for it because I don’t want another piece of [Oxford Street] just fall. The city of Sydney is practically razing half of Oxford Street to bring it back to life. We don’t have to, but a good start is to save what we already have.

The mayor’s minute was approved unanimously. The restaurant has also requested permission to install outdoor seating; the council’s chief executive said this would be approved shortly.


The kebab shop discussion followed nearly two hours of debate over the wording of a motion exploring the possibility of renaming Fullerton Street – where the Russian consulate is located – to ‘Ukraine Street’ in honor of the European nation. besieged.

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